Monday, 30 September 2013

The warming is hiding in the bottom of the ocean. Someday it will pop out and say BOO!

Discussion between radio 2GB's Alan Jones and Lord Christopher Monckton.

The 2007 IPCC report said that the earth was warming at 0.2ºC per decade, the latest report reduces that figure to 0.12º.

We’re contributing $100 billion a year by 2020 to the UN green climate fund, in the three years to June 30 we  have contributed $600 million! “and the electorate would not have a clue that we were stumping up this money.

Lord Monckton again points out the fraud of the Cook et al paper. Fraudster Peter Gleik is on the board of the journal.

Ross McKittrick pointed out how much theyhave got wrong in the past.

Alan: Carbon dioxide is warming the planet but it won’t be evident in the temperatures, it is hiding somewhere in the bowels of the ocean.

LCM: This is the extraordinary thing. They are saying that it somehow managed to go from the atmosphere into the ocean. Not into the bit of the ocean that touches the atmosphere, no it missed that out and it’s gone down and hidden in the bottom of the ocean where we can’t measure it. And one day it’s going to come out and say boo!

I mean you couldn’t make it up well, yes you could, because that’s exactly what they’ve done.  

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How can people, whether a trained scientist or just an ordinary member of the planet's population believe this drivel?

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