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Suzuki and Flannery

Suzuki and Flannery

Image: Canadian Truths.

by Anthony Cox

The ending of the Climate Commission [CC] and Flannery’s tenure has brought about the predicted result from the fringe who believe in AGW.

This only to be expected; if these people really believe that CO2 is going to destroy the world then abolishing the propaganda unit which they also believe is going to save the world will naturally produce outrage.

This is not a situation where reason and rationality prevail. Flannery and the CC are notorious for hysteria, bad science and in Flannery’s case hypocrisy with a house by the sea, connections with dud alternative energy, failed predictions and weirdness with his bizarre gaia streams of consciousness.

The CC is no better with a succession of reports which were no better than scaremongering and ideological.

That Flannery and the CC could dominate Australian media and political process is a damning indictment of the gullibility of our media and politicians.

The true believers in AGW are however implacable. With Flannery gone they have turned to the imminent IPCC AR5 report ignoring that even the IPCC has faced the fact there has been no warming for a climatically significant period and resorting to the usual alarmism and misanthropy with AGW and by implication humans being compared to cancer.

As usual amidst all this hyperbole and frantic nonsense the ABC has taken a leading role, importing Suzuki and allowing him a full hour of prime time, taxpayer-funded exposure on Q&A where he will be given the honour of being the only person on the panel.

No doubt the audience will be the usual mixture of Greens and Greens pretending to be conservatives producing the sort of balance which only appears within AGW and of the sort which allows AGW to be validated through such corrupted concepts as the consensus.

The NCTCS have been invited to this farce. But any discussion [sic] about AGW on the ABC is always a stacked deck. Who can forget the ambush of Durkin in 2007 by Tony Jones and Robin Williams and a panel of sceptics who came in good faith to discuss Durkin’s The Great Global Warming Swindle.

Both Jones and Williams are devout believers of AGW with both hosting outside pro-AGW events such as Gore agitprop and pro-Green events.

The unofficial editorial policy at the ABC is obviously pro-AGW and a dominating interviewer like Jones will ensure that pro-AGW view is enforced simply through his technique of interrupting.

It is not a particularly skilful technique but it is effective. Recently I called into 2SM to the Meryl Swanson show. In my opinion Swanson is unabashedly pro-AGW and on this occasion she cleverly included the old lie about sceptics being funded by big fossil into her chatter by referring to a letter published in that rag, the SMH. I took offence but by the simple expedient of being continually interrupted could not mount a sustained rebuttal.

Even more skilful talkers like Monckton are stymied by this technique.

So, any alternative viewpoint would be on a hiding to nothing by putting their head on the ABC chopping block.

It is a shame really because Suzuki’s pernicious influence needs to be countered. His science, as with all AGW science, is deplorable as is well described by Roger Franklin.

Suzuki’s character has also been put under the spotlight by EzraLevant. What Levant shows is that Suzuki is not only making a great deal of money out of AGW but exploits those he deals with in a creepy fashion.

Yet Suzuki is the paragon of AGW spokespersons. And you can bet your bottom dollar, if AGW hasn’t taken it already, that the sycophants at the ABC will not let any critical question about Suzuki be put to air.

This is the nature of AGW: wrong, corrupt, expensive and a continual insult by people who have sneaked their way into power and influence and who now abuse that power to the detriment of the community.

Maggots indeed.

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You may wish to contact Suzuki and ask him some hard questions -
David Suzuki Foundation
2211 West 4th Avenue, Suite 219
Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6K 4S2


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  2. Who let these monsters out ?


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