Pauline Hanson talks of water and Agenda 21

Pauline Hanson and Peter Manuel from FLAG Australia (Incorporated) discuss Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development Bureaucracy that is affecting the food bowl of Australia and in particular South Australia under the NRMA Act 2004.

Peter, on the Food Producers Landowners Action Group (FLAG) site writes:
What an absolute privilege to be on stage with Pauline and hear her speak from the heart about Agenda 21 and the privatisation of our water and the restrictions that are being forced upon us farmers by the environmental movement which make it so difficult to supply this great country with a clean healthy food product.

Pauline came to South Australia after a phone call I made to her a few weeks ago in regards to Natural Resource Management issues that control the way we run our freehold land and the uphill battle we have to grow food.  Pauline did not hesitate and took time out from her very busy campaigning schedule to come and speak and answer any questions thrown at her.

In the short time I had with Pauline it was very obvious that most that has been written about her over the years in regards to being a conspiracy theorist and racist is absolute rubbish.  She is far from a racist, highly intelligent and what you see is what you get.  She certainly wouldn’t do any dirty deals behind closed doors if she was fortunate enough to be elected into Parliament.