Sunday, 22 September 2013

Ezra Levant on David Suzuki (Updated)

Some home truths about David Suzuki.

See also Donna Laframboise's David Suzuki and John Abbott College.

Some comments on the Youtube at Catallaxy Files:

And the ABC is prepping to lick this fake all over… do they think no one will notice? 

Levant shows an invoice for a one-hour talk at a college that Suzuki billed for $30,000 plus expenses (total $41k), and emails showing that he also required two “nice looking” females to escort him around. Levant tells us that the college complied with his demand.

So now I’m wondering whether the ABC is paying Suzuki similar fees to appear on ABC shows?

This clip needs to be everywhere.. what a creep.
And a liar.
And a greedy bastard.
And a hypocrite.. 4 kids and he says population growth will ruin us all.
I’m sure the ABC will expose him.
Couldn’t they have invited Monckton to debate him? Why give him a whole hour to peddle his one sided tirade? Who else apart from ex-PM’s have they ever made such allowances for??


Ezra Levant reports on David Suzuki's scientific ignorance - When questioned by NCTCS President Bill Koutalianos and Professor Stewart Franks (as also discussed here)

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