Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Antarctic Ice Sets (Another) Record

As reported by the Patriot Post
On Saturday, Antarctic sea ice coverage hit 19.51 million square kilometers. For those mathematically challenged, that's a lot. In fact, it's a new record high. This marks back-to-back years in which the South Pole has broken records – and environmentalists' hearts. 
In response, scientists are left – once again – scratching their heads as they contemplate what went wrong. 
University of Washington's Jinlun Zhang is especially confused: “The overwhelming evidence is that the Southern Ocean is warming,” Zhang claims. “Why would sea ice be increasing? Although the rate of increase is small, it is a puzzle to scientists.” 
That's the funny thing about climate: You never know what she'll throw your way. Yet scientists are left puzzled over their apocalyptic prophecies that continually fail to come to fruition.

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  1. The arrogance of mankind. How can we expect everything on earth to be exactly the same day after day, year after year. We live on a tiny speck of rock with the moon orbiting around us, in a group of planets orbiting around a sun which is travelling at 675,000 km/h through our galaxy.

    Our planet/weather is subject to millions of constantly changing variables both internally and externally. The Earth's core is still changing. The moon's orbit around us is never exactly the same. Our orbit around the Sun is never exactly the same. Our path through the universe is never exactly the same. The effects of gravitational pull from other planets and our Sun is always changing. The Sun's solar storms are constantly bombarding us (enough to knock out our telecommunications). The Earth's magnetic field "flips" every few thousand years. The Sun's magnetic field "flips" every few decades and has an influence far beyond Pluto.

    We still don't truly understand how the universe started or where it is going.

    Yes, humans do have an effect of our planet, but there are an infinite number of forces we don't know about, and can't/don't measure which probably have a greater effect. I put it to you that the history of this earth (in terms of climate change) is an educated guess at best.

    All of this and we expect the temperatures, rainfall, etc for summer this year to be similar to last year, and the year before? How can we say weather is "unseasonal" and becoming more extreme when we've only been recording basic information for 2,000 years and more accurate information for the last few hundred years in Earth's 4.5 billion year lifespan.

    This is right up there with people who build houses right next to the beach, then are surprised when the changing coastline threatens their house.

    The climate is changing. Always has. Always will. Adapt and survive, or don't and die. Or move.


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