ALP threatens carbon showdown

The Butler did it!
Business Spectator reports via AAP, with a staff reporter:-

Environment Minister Mark Butler says Labor won't back away from its emissions trading scheme even if the coalition wins on Saturday, and is open to forcing a double dissolution.
Mr Butler said Opposition Leader Tony Abbott's argument that a losing party should junk all its policies to respect the winning side's mandate, is a fallacy
"We are simply not going to junk our longstanding policy position on the most effective way to deal with climate change no matter what happens on Saturday, whether we win, lose or draw," he told ABC radio. 
Asked if that would mean using numbers in the Senate to force a coalition government to go to a double dissolution to repeal the ETS, he replied: "We'll see what happens."
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Don't worry about the mandate, ALP. Don't worry about why you lost favour with the electorate with lies like "There will be no carbon tax" from Gillard and "his hysterical allegation that somehow we are moving towards a carbon tax" from Wayne Swan. (link) 

Although the NCTCS has other policies, are primary aim is cemented in the first three words of our party name - NO CARBON TAX.

A strong vote for the NO CARBON TAX Climate Sceptics in the Senate can enforce the mandate that Mark Butler says is a fallacy.