Sunday, 1 September 2013

A vote for the NO CARBON TAX Climate Sceptics party can help Tony Abbott.

Which side of the fence, Tony?
A Senate No 1 vote for the NO CARBON TAX Climate Sceptics party will assist Tony Abbott

Say what?

A Senate No 1 vote for the NO CARBON TAX Climate Sceptics party will assist Tony Abbott.

“How?” I hear you say.

Well, for a starter, a vote for Leon Ashby in South Australia will help Tony Abbott get rid of one of his obstacles in the Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young. (link Best Chance to remove the Greens)

Further the Liberal National coalition has a split personality as far as the falsified catastrophic global warming hoax (CAGW) is concerned. Although Tony Abbott declared that the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) hoax is “crap,” he was advised to retract that statement because it could cause a split in his party. (Link – Coalition still believe the Climate Change Hoax)

Even today on “The Insiders”  Tony Abbott repeated that he believed in global warming and he believed man had some contribution to the effect. (Backup Link) We believe in Global Warming. ALthough warming has stalled for 17 or more years, we have been warming since the depths of the Little Ice Age.

Former Liberal leader Malcolm Turnbull, with his links to Goldman Sachs, is a strong believer - whether for monetary or other reasons – and many other members of his party also have been taken in by the global warming hoax.

The coalition still has policies based on this green fraud. They bow to the renewable energy targets (RETs) and also have a foolish carbon mitigation policy. Although they say they will reverse the carbon (that is the carbon dioxide) tax, these Coalition policies will still cost people billions for no gain. Malcolm Turnbull says these polices will cost $18 Billion /year (Back Up Link)

If there is a strong vote for the NO CARBON TAX Climate Sceptics, it will send a message to the Liberals and also to the Labor party, that people do not believe in this green hoax.

And it will help Tony Abbott to stop sitting on the fence.


  1. Although I agree with your sentiments, I understand that you are giving your first preference to Labor. How can that help Tony Abbott?

    1. The reason we were willing to give our preferences to the ALP in NSW, TAS and VIC is to try to prevent Greens from getting elected. Those states are all but guaranteed to split 3-3 right/left, but there is going to be a fight for the last "left" seat between the ALP and the Greens. If our preferences end up uselessly in the Liberal surplus "Droop quota" instead of impacting on that contest on the left we aren't helping our cause at all.

      Let me give an example of what I'm talking about. Suppose there are 139 voters and a quota for a senator is 20. The LNP gets 73 votes, the ALP gets 50, the Greens get 12 and NCTCS gets 4. LNP elects 3 senators, ALP elects 2, and there is a preference race for the 6th seat. LNP surplus is 13, ALP has 10, Green 12, NCTCS 4. NCTCS gets excluded first. If our preferences go to the LNP that puts them up to 17... and there they stay. ALP gets excluded next and their preferences go on to elect a Green.

      On the other hand, suppose our preferences go to the ALP. That puts them up to 14, ahead of the Greens. The Green gets excluded, and their preferences elect the ALP candidate.

      This is a simplified scenario obviously but the essential fact is that in NSW, TAS and VIC there is absolutely no realistic prospect that our preferences could help deliver a seat to the LNP at the expense of the ALP. However, they COULD potentially deliver a seat to the ALP at the expense of the Greens and I for one consider keeping Greens out of parliament pretty much priority #

  2. That is absolute smart arse crap. I've just donated $1000 to your party and I feel I have been taken for a ride. I don't want my vote to go towards labor. The direction of flow, onto flow onto flow remains important. I want my money back

  3. Anon - it's worth noting that the ALP is preferenced 3rd last in each of these states. All like-minded groups get first bite of the cherry. The only way the ALP get Climate Sceptics preferences is if they are the last chance to stop a Green getting elected.

  4. I suggest Anon simply votes below the line on the senate ticket. Just follow NCTCS preferences and modify it as you wish. Here is the link to the preferences in all states:


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