A Greenie converts to Global Warming Realist

Joanne Nova
New 50 to 1 Video Published on Sep 1, 2013

www.50to1.net - Topher interviews Joanne Nova, a veteran science communicator and regular commentator on the ABC and many other places. Joanne speaks of her own journey and how she went from being a 'veteran believer' in Global Warming to being the high-profile sceptic she is today.

Joanne described herself as a Greenie, as a veteran believer in the “Greenhouse Gas Crisis” – 1990 to 2007. (Topher: sounds like and orbituary!)

Husband Dr David Evans used evidence to convince Joanne – The Ice cores show an 800 year lag between temperature rise and rise in carbon dioxide. 

I could see that this debate was not about actual evidence but just about opinions and when I looked for it, I couldn’t find any evidence. So I pretty much switched in a few hours.

We want evidence! We want empirical evidence – not just climate models.

The Video:-


  1. This is excellent! and so are all of Topher's interviews. Topher must be congratulated in his excellent interviewing technique!


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