Australian Election and Three Word Slogans

When he called the election, Mr Rudd said: "Three-word slogans won't solve complex problems. They never have. And they never will."

He then announced Labor's new slogan: "a new way". (Courier Mail) Can he promise a new way after Labor's six years at the helm?

Rudd is still pushing the flawed Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) barrowl (link)
Tony Abbott, once said when referring to the "science" behind man-made global warming, that it was crap. Nick Minchin knows that the science is faulty but, in a long phone call to Tony Abbott after Abbot's remarks, convinced him that voting for the ETS would fracture the Coalition and split the Liberal Party.(link) So, to mix metaphors, the Libs are sitting on the fence in the middle of the road.

The Liberals still support the Renewable Energy Target [RET], a particularly odious bit of legislation which is a spin-off from the nation destroying CO2 tax. (link) The Liberals still support a carbon mitigation scheme. Liberal Malcolm Turnbull has declared that the Liberals' schemes will cost $18billion per year:

Malcolm Turnbull costs Tony Abbott's carbon plan at $18bn a year

A vote for the NO CARBON TAX Climate Sceptics in the Senate is a vote against taxpayers money being wasted on loopy green policies.


  1. A comment in Bob Carters book applies:Labor’s confidence that the Coalition will be unable to remove the carbon dioxide tax is a reflection of the time, effort and public money they have spent over the last five years, supported by a host of special interests, to embed deep in the Australian psyche the idea there is the need for such a tax." By promising to abolish it the Coalition is cynical enough to try and corner the Sceptics vote but beware; they are still taking Carbon Pricing to this election.

  2. Bill Koutalianos24 August 2013 at 13:25

    I couldn't agree more Michael Burston.

    At least when Gillard misled the Australian people it was blatant, obvious and quick. For the Coalition to drag out the man-made global warming deception beyond the 2013 election means they're deceit is more sophisticated & insincere. Sceptical voters are being led down the garden path by conflicting Coalition messages. Voters should only rely on the Coalition's official AGW position, otherwise they will only have themselves to blame. Voters should not rely on Coalition climate rhetoric purposefully delivered away from the media's gaze. At the very least they should vote NCTCS in the Senate.

  3. Bill Koutalianos24 August 2013 at 14:33

    Speaking of 3 word slogans there's #AGW #ETS #RET #DAP or couldn't they bring themselves to admit they meant #NoCarbonTax? #AusVotes #AusPol

  4. NO CARBON TAX made it into my cartoon, Bill!


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