Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Murry Salby and Macquarie University - MU Reply

The Professor and the Media Manager
Prof Murry Salby and Joanne Wheatley
NCTCS feels that it is a disgrace that Universities are pushing for a consensus ( a non-scientific rather a political term) and are terminating their arrangements with outstanding Professors like
  • Don Easterbrook
  • Bob Carter
  • Murry Salby

However, NCTCS Blog has received the following from in response to Professor Murry Salby's  termination from Macquarie University. See Murry Salby's initial thoughts HERE. Fairness says that NCTCS should publish Macquarie University's response.

It is up to the reader to make up their own mind.


10 July 2013
Macquarie University does not normally comment on the circumstances under which employees leave the University. However, we feel in this instance it is necessary to do so in order to correct misinformation.
The decision to terminate Professor Murry Salby’s employment with Macquarie University had nothing to do with his views on climate change nor any other views. The University supports academic freedom of speech and freedom to pursue research interests.
Professor Salby's employment was terminated firstly, because he did not fulfil his academic obligations, including the obligation to teach. After repeated directions to teach, this matter culminated in his refusal to undertake his teaching duties and he failed to arrive at a class he had been scheduled to take.
The University took this matter very seriously as the education and welfare of students is a primary concern. The second reason for his termination involved breaches of University policies in relation to travel and use of University resources.
The termination of his employment followed an extensive and detailed internal process, including two separate investigations undertaken by a committee chaired by a former Australian Industrial Relations Commissioner and including a union nominee.

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  1. I suppose James Cook university made up a similar load of rubbish up when they got rid of Bob Carter. Your actions at Macquarie are pathetic

    Peter Jupp

  2. They felt the need to respond (necessary) .. Of course they did, they know what they did was illegal, - and now we know.


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