Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Unsettled Science! We need more Grants.

If I had made as many mistakes as the Alarmists, I would shamefully withdraw from public life. Instead
Image: Jo Nova.
these people stick out their hands for more  graft...er sorry more grants. They said that there is a "consensus" and "the science is settled" and then stuck their hands out for more grants.

They said "we have to get rid of the medieval warm period" (link) and subsequently produced the fraudulent "hockey stick" graph and then stuck their hands out for more grants.

They said our children won't know what snow is but in Europe and North America record snows and a longer season eventuated. Then they stuck their hands out for more grants.

They said that Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past (link) and since then we have had record snowfalls across the globe (link)

They said that Killimanjaro would be snow free by 2035 but now Killimanjaro is regaining its snow cap. (link)

Australia picked mammalogist Tim Flannery, who built his reputation on a flawed tome (back up link), to be their part-time Climate Change Commissioner. Surely, after his lamentable history of failed predictions, predictions that have cost Australians millions, he would hand back his $180,000 PA salary, hand in his notice and hand back his Australian of the Year Award. (Failed Predictions link)

The Alarmists said that CO2 emissions were causing the warming yet "the consensus of science" is that warming precedes the rise in atmospheric CO2. (See Jo Nova - Ice Cores) In the current century CO2 has flat-lined whilst CO2 continues to climb.

Even with the weight of scientific data against the falsified "CO2 causes dangerous global warming" hypothesis, didn't the Alarmists gloat when the atmospheric CO2 passed the  400 ppm mark. 

Climate Tipping Point? Concentration of Carbon Dioxide Tops 400 ppm for First Time in Human History

However, even that was wrong!

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) revised its May 9 reading at the Mauna Loa observatory in Hawaii, saying it remained fractions of a point below the level of 400 ppm, at 399.89'   (Link Climate Depot)

Oh well, we'll need even more $$$s; even more research grant money because the science is settled.

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