Rooftop Solar comes down to Earth - Something is Wrong!

Graham Lloyd, writing for the Australian (link) has advised that:
AUSTRALIA'S one million rooftop solar households could be forced to pay new fixed charges to help recover billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies and make electricity prices fairer for all consumers. 
A series of electricity industry reports has highlighted the inequity in existing power pricing where customers without solar panels are unfairly subsidising those with them.
Lloyd reports that "Queensland Energy Minister Mark McArdle has warned that existing rooftop solar contracts will cost the state more than $2.8 billion over the next 15 years..."
Mr McArdle said the number of households with rooftop solar had continued to grow despite a cutback in government subsidies and the gap between the haves and have-nots in electricity widening.
"If one group of consumers enjoys a benefit in excess of the true savings they make, other electricity customers have to pay the price of those excess benefits or lower prices," he said. 
"When those doing the paying are likely those least able to afford it, and those enjoying the benefits are those likely to be most able to afford to meet their true costs, then something is truly wrong."  (emphasis added)

Meanwhile, in Europe:

  • Belgian companies managing the country’s electricity and natural gas distribution grids (GRD), including Ores and Tecteo, are asking for a tax on solar panels from October 1, to ensure that owners contribute to using the network. (link) 
  • (In Greece) The Environment and Energy Ministry is planning to impose an extraordinary levy on photovoltaic systems on rooftops used for the production of electricity (link)
  • Spain is planning to raise cash from renewable energy for the first time, a blow to an industry already struggling with subsidy cuts. (link)
  • The European Union is quietly taking steps to shred the ‘green agenda’ responsible for rocketing energy bills across the continent. (link)

H/t Benny Peiser.


  1. I see many rooftop solar panels with partial shade at various times of day. eg. a large tree or a microwave dish mounted next to them. Our local train station had panels put in (State Gov money presumably) which now has the main array no longer functioning (vandalised or stollen copper and never fixed). When it was working it averaged 2.5hr x rated kw capacity per day (should be closer to 3.5hr equiv.). How many roof top solar arrays are not installed/functioning optimally ? A 10% ROI for the real cost is a NETT loss if you loose 20% of your daily output. What a waste !
    ---- Tim C

  2. Thousands of trees must have sent on their way to install these panels. It is interesting to reflect on the air conditioning used in these hot houses. It probably accounts for for much of the energy produced by these panels.
    _ Mike Burston


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