Tuesday, 28 May 2013

City’s sea-level plans don’t hold water

Bob Carter has written a piece for the Newcastle Herald. (link)
AROUND Australia, the Lake Macquarie City Council is among the most recalcitrant when it comes to paying attention to the science that underpins the global warming and rising sea-level issue. 
NCTCS blog has previous written of this:

Will the real McCloy please stand up...

Jo Nova blog
The science is out on whether Sea Levels are rising. As this blog has written before, data show that Sea Levels are falling - LINK. Coastal councils have been scared by the hyperbole from the AGW alarmists and have made some irrational decisions.

Bob writes:
The council appears to have learned nothing from the defeat of its former plans (based on utterly unrealistic science) to tamper in the property rights of more than 10,000 coastal properties by imposing section 149 certificates on them. 
Nor has the attitude of councillors been chastened by the O’Farrell state government’s dumping of the former Labor government’s unrealistic coastal planning guidelines.
Instead, the council is now marshalling its powers again to force a Local Area (sea-level) Adaptation Plan on the communities of Marks Point and Belmont South.  
Whilst adopting the trendy label of adaptation (which is most certainly the needed, cost-effective way of managing all Australia’s climate hazards), a reading of the allegedly new plan confirms that it  simply represents  a rebadged version of Lake Macquarie City Council’s previous interfering planning.  
Do councillors really think that the public is so stupid that they cannot see through such an obvious ploy? 

Bob discusses what is actually happening and then applies the killer-blow:
The highest quality, long-record tide gauge on the central NSW coast – that at Port Denison, Sydney Harbour – records an average rate of sea-level rise of between 0.5millimetres and 0.9millimetres a year  over the 20th century (as calculated, respectively, by Boretti and  the National Tidal Centre). Even the larger of these two figures is low, being just half of the acknowledged global rate of rise of 1.8millimetres a year.


  1. I was only looking at sea level data for Newcastle just the other day. Having been born and bread at Belmont on the shores of Lake Macquarie 51.5 years ago, I cannot see any noticeable sea/lake level rise at all.

    Using the PSMSL (Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level) web page below, Newcastle harbor tide levels since 1928 through to Dec 2011 show no increase in tide levels what-so-ever (sort Names alphabetically and scroll to Newcastle I, II, III, and V).

    Jun 1928 - 7088mm; Dec 2011 - 7069mm.


  2. May I also add data for Fort Denison Sydney.

    June 1914 - 7022mm; Dec 2011 - 7018mm


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