Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Abbott confirms his action on the Climate Change Hoax

Rob Oakeshott
It was probably a trick by the Labor strategists to harm the opposition but it back-fired on all the major parties.
Independent MP Rob Oakeshott kicked off the issue in the House of Representatives when he asked Julia Gillard and Mr Abbott to confirm “their personal acknowledgement, acceptance and confidence in the facts and evidence of man-made climate change”. (link)
The Prime Minister quickly confirmed that she was still taken in by the climate hoax, by the falsified man-made climate change hypothesis. Then, after Speaker Burke ruled Mr Abbott could not answer the question, Albo successfully raised a motion to allow the Opposition Leader to speak. 

Mr Abbott then answered:
“We accept the science that says that something is happening to our planet. We accept that, we always have, we always will. 
“The question ... is not whether or not our climate is impacted by human activity ... the question is how is it best dealt with.”
Then Mr Abbott confirmed his his party's belief in the climate hoax by addressing their policies that deal with the climate hoax.
“The Coalition believes that it should be dealt with by direct action measures, more trees, better soils, smarter technology. 
“That will actually reduce our emissions ... the government's carbon tax will not.”
Mr Abbott, we don't need to reduce emissions of the vital-to-life carbon dioxide.

So Parliament today confirmed that the policies of both major parties still need  buckets of money to be poured into climate change hoax hole. An alternative is to vote for the NO CARBON TAX Climate Sceptics Senate Candidates in the September 14th election.

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  1. I just wonder if I can sue Julia, Tony Winsor Rob Buckshot & all members of the polite bureau including the members of the opposition who keep on telling us that Man made climate change are real, And thus causing me stress & anger every time they open their mouth spitting lies.


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