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Time to Jail the Climate Scamsters

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 Lord Monckton says prosecuting 'scientists' is best way to stop hysteria.


SYDNEY, Australia – It’s official. What I was howled down and banned for telling the recent U.N. climate conference in Doha is true. There has been no global warming for 17 years.

Rajendra Pachauri, the railroad engineer who heads the U.N.’s accident-prone climate panel, the IPCC, recently admitted this fact here in Australia.

The Hadley/CRU temperature record shows no warming for 18 or 19 years. RSS satellites show none for 23 years. Not one computer model predicted that.

Pachauri said the zero trend would have to persist for 30-40 years before it mattered. Scientists disagree. In 2008 the modelers wrote that more than 14 years without global warming would indicate a “discrepancy” between their predictions and reality. By their own criterion, they have grossly, persistently, profitably exaggerated manmade warming.

The 17-year flatline gives Australia’s $180,000-a-year, part-time climate kommissar, Tim Flannery, a problem. In January he crowed that extreme weather like Sydney’s recent heatwave had been predicted for decades.

Skeptics, he wailed, continued to ignore the thousands of hot-weather records tumbling worldwide. Yet without statistically significant warming for nigh on two decades, recent extreme weather cannot be blamed on global warming.

Warming that was predicted yesterday but has not happened for up to 23 years until today cannot have caused yesterday’s “droughts and flooding rains,” now, can it?

Flannery relentlessly gives only one side of the story when it is his duty to give both. He is carefully silent about the thousands of cold-weather records that have also tumbled in recent years – more than 650 this week in the U.S. alone.

The Northern Hemisphere is enduring one of its coldest winters in 100 years. Before the usual suspects try to blame that too on global warming, the IPCC says – unsurprisingly – that warmer weather means less snow.

Sea-ice extent in the Arctic has reached a record high for this time of year, despite a record low last summer. In the Antarctic, sea ice has been increasing for 33 years.

There will be further extreme weather in the coming decades. It will not matter whether the world warms or cools. Extreme weather is not the new normal. It is the old normal – but the new slogan.

The best-kept secret in climate science is that extreme weather, or “tipping points,” will be no likelier if the planet warms than if it cools. For the climate behaves as a chaotic object. What mathematicians call “bifurcations” can occur at any time.

We may warm the world this century, but not by much. What is important is not only the embarrassingly long absence of warming but also the large discrepancy between the rate of warming the models predict and the real-world rate.

The IPCC baselessly predicts 3 degrees Celsius manmade warming this century. The warming rate since 1950 has been a third of that. The maximum warming rate over any decade since 1850 was equivalent to less than 2 degrees per century.

No surprise, then, that the IPCC recently gave the lie to Flannery in a special report saying extreme weather cannot yet be attributed to manmade warming. Yet its own errors relentlessly exaggerate both manmade warming and its consequences.

In 1990 the first of its five reports said that from then till now the world would warm at 0.3 of a degree Celsius per decade. Outturn: less than half that.

In 1995 the scientists said five times there was no human influence on temperature and they did not know when it would become detectable. IPCC bureaucrats got a single bad scientist – a one-man “consensus” – to rewrite the report to say the flat opposite.

That year another bad scientist emailed a colleague: “We have to abolish the medieval warm period.” His problem was that the Middle Ages were warmer than now. Today’s temperatures are normal.

In 2001 the IPCC’s “hockey stick” graph duly “abolished” medieval warming. The shank showed little temperature change for 1000 years; the blade showed a sudden spurt in the 20th century, which the IPCC – six times – blamed on us. In 2005 two Canadian scientists proved the graph bogus.

In 2007 the IPCC doctored another graph to pretend manmade warming is accelerating. The Obama administration is using this faked diagram to justify introducing a carbon tax just as the EU/Oz tax collapses.

This year will bring a fifth “Assessment Report.” As an expert reviewer I shall try to halt further fraud. It will not be easy. The weevils are at it again. This year’s new predictions, backcast eight years to 2005, bizarrely overstate already measured warming and project the exaggerations to 2050, forecasting unrealistically rapid warming.

A senior Australian police officer specializing in organized-crime frauds tells me the pattern of fraud on the part of a handful of climate scientists may yet lead to prosecutions.

When the cell door slams on the first bad scientist, the rest will scuttle for cover. Only then will the climate scare – mankind’s strangest and costliest intellectual aberration – be truly over.


  1. It is about time the financial foolery was punished. For too long, our political leaders have used AGW as a tool to extract the wealth of Americans to enrich themselves and their cronies.

    Madoff was caught and sent to jail. It is time to share his cell with some of these cretins.

  2. Jail just isn't good enough.

  3. It is not about climate but all about money.

    1. It's much more than money--the money they've always controlled.
      2 goals ultimately matter most: Land and Eugenics

  4. There has been no warming of land and air temperatures for 17 years. But there has been a rise in sea temperatures over the period. Can we remember the last time scientists were sent to prison? It was a time when anyone who spoke against the ruling elite was imprisoned. Or maybe work s freedom?

  5. Actually, Graham, the data shows that sea surface temperature rise has also stalled - see Sea level temperature stalled

    1. Sorry, Inactive link try -

  6. Im pretty sure it is not evil to send people to jail that have caused millions of dollars if not billions worth of damages. And the ruling elite is not the skeptics. so you might want to get your facts right before you go opening your mouth @Geoff Brown

    1. You are right, Pat Sedc. And the people who (not that!) have caused millions if not billions of dollars of damage are the Alarmists. The Climate Scamsters. Taking money for their false programs, money that could be used to help people in the third world if it were not being wasted on the CAGW hoax.

      The hypothesis of runaway global warming has been FALSIFIED

      So, Pat Sedc, you might want to get your facts right before you go opening your mouth @Pat Sedc

  7. That's a misconception. The millionaires you speak of pay the capital gains rate only on their investment income. Their regular income is tax at 35%, the highest possible rate. Everyone has an opportunity to take advantage of the capital gains rate of 15%, but you have to invest your money to do it.


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