Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The Climate Trap - Alarmists and "deniers" take note.

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Pierre Gosselin of NoTricksZone has written two posts  (link1 and link 2) re a new book by IPCC lead author - climatologist Professor Hans von Storch and cultural scientist Werner Krauss entitled Die Klima Falle (The Climate Trap.)

On the blog Die Klimazwiebel (The Climate Onion)  by Werner Kraus:
Die Klimagipfel scheitern und bleiben folgenlos, während die Emissionen immer stärker steigen. Der Klimaforscher Hans von Storch und der Ethnologe Werner Krauß erklären, wie wir in dieser Klimafalle gelandet sind.
(The climate conferences have ended in failure and achieved no consequences, even though emissions continue rising. Climate scientist Hans von Storch and cultural scientist Werner Krauss explain how we ended up in this climate trap.)
Pierre Gosselin writes:
This is neither a skeptic nor an alarmist book. In it von Storch and Krauss have plenty of harsh criticism for both sides of the debate, and then some. Both sides, they claim, are responsible for having driven the climate issue into the ground. The book, they say, explains how climate science got there in the first place, and what possibilities are left to get climate sciences back on track so that it can produce productive action.
Some quotes translated by Pierre:
  • After the unprecedented success story of climate change becoming an object of public attention and concern, climate policy and the accompanying climate debate have wound up in a dead end.
  • Together with climate politics, the climate sciences have ended up in a credibility crisis.
  • The climate debate is stuck in the mud, the credibility of climate scientists has been cast into doubt, and the policymakers’ ability to act on the issue of climate is minimal. We are sitting in the climate trap. 
In Pierre's second post he records the reaction to the announcement of the book:
Reimar Lüst, former president of the Max Planck Society here:
This is an unusual and provocative book. A natural scientist and a cultural scientist have written it together. Hopefully it will annoy both the climate deniers and the climate alarmists within their insular circles.”
If it indeed annoys the alarmists, which I’m sure it will, then very few “deniers” will be annoyed at all by it. We can take criticism.

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