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Funds from BigOil! Who's shady now?

Gore and Beck
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"Climate change's premise is that carbon emissions, especially from burning fossil fuels such as coal and oil, are leading to potentially catastrophic global warming."
 ~ Al Gore.

How many times have the Alarmists and the pushers for the Alarmists stated, incorrectly and dishonestly, that the anti CAGW sceptics were funded by BigOil?
  • ExxonMobil is a key player behind the scenes, having donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past few years to climate change sceptics. (The Environmentalist)
  • From 1989 to 2002, several large US companies, including the oil companies Exxon and the US subsidiaries of Shell and BP, sponsored a lobbying organisation called the Global Climate Coalition (GCC), to counter the strengthening consensus that human carbon dioxide emissions posed a serious threat to the Earth’s climate. (UN-Skeptical Science)
  • BigOil Funds Skeptic (The Climate Hub) 
  • ONE of the world's largest oil companies has broken its pledge to stop funding groups that promote scepticism about man-made climate change. ExxonMobil gave almost £stg 1 million ($1.75m) last year toorganisations that campaigned against controls on greenhouse gas emissions. (The Australian)
  •  The Carbon Brief (TCB) has a nice analysis on the not-very-startling coincidence that at least nine of the top 10 "skeptical" "scientists" who are publishing on climate change have direct links to Exxon. (Desmog Blog)

All this has been accurately countered by the marvellous Joanne Nova (Link):

If Shell had sponsored a skeptic, Desmog would have turned it into a high rotation ritual chant.
But apparently if the evil oil money funds unskeptical groups that’s quite legit.

Checking both Desmog and UN-Skeptical Science today, there is no post on either site condemning Al Gore.

Al Gore has sold his Current TV to Al-Jazeera. As Climate Depot's Marc Morano says (Link with many associated stories)
'Gore's massive personal cash influx from oil-backed Al Jazeera makes him by far the most lavishly funded fossil fuel player in the global warming debate today. Will the media now accurately label Gore an industry funded activist every time they report on him?'
Was the BigOil funded Al Jazeera Gore's only bidder for the Current TV channel?


American conservative, television network producer, media personality, radio host and author Glenn Beck had made an offer to buy Current TV. (link)

After the Wall Street Journal reported that Gore turned away interest from Beck last year, Beck took to the airwaves Thursday to offer his side of the story. He said his negotiators approached Current about buying the network in order to get Beck's network, Blaze TV, into the 60 million U.S. homes reached by Current.

Beck said his people were told that the former vice president would have to be consulted on the possibility. Beck's negotiators received a callback within 15 minutes, Beck said.

"Yeah, umm umm, no, not even interested," Beck paraphrased the Current representatives as telling his people. "We - our legacy is too important and there would quite frankly be too many people, too many friends that the vice president would have to explain why he's selling to Glenn Beck."

Instead, Current opted to sell to Al Jazeera, which Beck characterized Thursday as "a Qatar government outlet that ran every terrorist video and hates America."
So now he has to explain why to his "too many friends" why he sold to a BigOil funded Network that runs terrorist videos. Hmmmm.....

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