Atmospheric CO2 and Interglacial Warmth

The maximum interglacial temperature over the past 340,000 years were between 6ºC and 10ºC above present day values. From paper in Nature "Evidence for former interglacials in East Antarctic ice cores",  Sime et al.

Dr Sherwood Idso.
Center for the study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change.


  1. Impressive! The hottest temperatures ever recorded in Australia (and, for 2012, the US), fires visible from space, and the "sceptics" are going over discredited talking points about the distant past.

  2. Discredited, Anonymous? Any links to the discrediting?

    I didn't think so, but I can give you many links to the discredited IPCC Alarmists.

  3. No anonymous,

    geoff is putting up a paper that is a clue that the climate sensitivity is much higher than previously thought,
    he just does not know it


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