Sunday, 2 December 2012

2012 - The Year in Review - peer-review that is....

The Year in (Peer) Review.

Over the next weeks, NCTCS blog will present peer-reviewed papers published during 2012. 

We have seen from the ClimateGate emails (thanks to NCTCS member John Costanza) (link) and indeed from a recent pamphlet published by Bishop Hill's Andrew Montford (link) that the ClimateGate CRU, the Alarmists, in a truly unscientific manner, have tried to suppress dissenting papers, have tried to have science journal editors fired.

Be that as it may, the following papers were published in peer reviewed journals and reported on  NCTCS blog during the  first half of the month of January.
  • Urban Heat Island causes 56% of Warming                        1 Jan 12 
  • IPCC GCMs questioned - Peer reviewed paper                  4 Jan 12
  • Climate Alarmists wrong again - Peer reviewed paper      4 Jan 12 
  • IPCC's GCMs  Seriously Fail - Peer reviewed paper         6 Jan 12 
  • Natural Predictable Climate Change                                 14 Jan 12                                

A new paper by Kim, M K and Kim, S published in the Journal of Atmospheric Environment (LINK)
reports that UHI accounts for 0.77ºC over the last 55years whilst Greenhouse warming only accounts for 0.60ºC; that is UHI accounts for 56% of the warming against 44% for GHG warming.
IPCC GCMs questioned - Peer reviewed paper     4 Jan 12
The researchers,  Khider et alfound that although the "Team" stated that "climate models forced by increased greenhouse gas concentrations can be used to "simulate changes in ENSO variability... Khider et al's research indicated that "we don't even have the means for determining which of the similarly-divergent scenarios of current state-of-the-art climate model simulations is correct, or how close or how far from reality they each may be..."

Climate Alarmists wrong again - Peer reviewed paper  4 Jan 12

Although the "Team" of Climate Alarmists have predicted that man-made CO2-induced warming (AGW) has
  1. accelerated significantly over the 20th century;       is
  2. unprecedented with respect to the past millenium    and
  3. should be greatly amplified in the earth's polar regions
These Indian Researchers show that all three of these claims are false.

IPCC's GCMs  Seriously Fail - Peer reviewed paper  6 Jan 12  (LINK)

A new paper published by the Journal of Atmospheric and Solar Terrestrial Physics, authored by Nicola Scafetta, 2012: Testing an astronomically based decadal-scale empirical harmonic climate model versus the IPCC (2007) general circulation models.

An extensively peer-reviewed study published last December in the Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics indicates that observed climate changes since 1850 are linked to cyclical, predictable, naturally occurring events in Earth’s solar system with little or no help from us. The research was conducted by Nicola Scafetta, a scientist at Duke University and at the Active Cavity Radiometer Solar Irradiance Monitor Lab (ACRIM)