Thursday, 18 October 2012

Alarmists fake scientific study.

Bangladesh's capital Dhaka.
 Bjorn Lomborg, writing in the Australian (link)

.....On September 26, the Climate Vulnerable Forum, a group of countries led by Bangladesh, launched the second edition of its Climate Vulnerability Monitor. Headlines about the launch were truly alarming: over the next 18 years, global warming would kill 100 million people and cost the economy upwards of $6.7 trillion annually.
These public messages were highly misleading and clearly intended to shock and disturb. The vast majority of deaths discussed in the report did not actually result from global warming. Outdoor air pollution caused by fossil-fuel combustion, not by global warming, contributed to 30 per cent of all deaths cited in the study. And 60 per cent of the total deaths reflect the burning of biomass (such as animal dung and crop residues) for cooking and heating, which has no relation to fossil fuels or global warming.
In total, the study exaggerated more than twelvefold the number of deaths that could possibly be attributed to climate change, and it more than quadrupled the potential economic costs, simply to grab attention. But it will be used as a cudgel by those who claim that electric cars or solar panels - technologies that will make only a marginal contribution, given their huge incremental costs - are the solution to climate change.
The technologies that can really make a difference quickly and at lower cost are scrubbers that clean smokestack emissions, catalytic converters that reduce tailpipe emissions, and many others. By focusing purely on cutting CO2, we neglect to help many more people much faster and at a lower cost.
Likewise, indoor air pollution will be overcome only when people can use kerosene, propane and grid-based electricity.