Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Will the alarmist hoaxers win?

Will the hoaxers win? Heaven help us and our children and grandchildren if they do!

  • NCTCS bloggers are constantly amazed, after all the evidence, that there is still belief in the falsified hypothesis of man-made global warming.
  • Definitely, it has been falsified - link  and link and link  etc etc etc
  • Each week there are papers showing errors in the IPCC/Climategate CRU's pronouncements: eg link and link and link.....etc etc etc...
  • We have heard that CRU head Phil Jones has admitted that there is nothing unusual about the late 20th century warming.
  • We have learned that the Chief Alarmists CRU have tried to hide the decline.
  • We have seen the MBH98 Hockey Stick Graph disgraced.
  • We have seen  a British High Court Judge rule  that the SciFi movie of Al Gore's (An Inconvenient Truth)  had scientific errors.
However, my dear friend Tom Harris has written a recent piece that bursts my hope bubble (and Tom's opinion over-rides mine!)

Tom's piece is titled:  (link)

If you thought the climate scare was winding down, think again

and begins..

Optimists assert that climate realism, the understanding that climate changes naturally all the time with little influence from humanity, is finally winning out over alarmism. Science and economics, they say, will win the war in realism’s favour. Some commentators even assert that the global warming scare is effectively over—we have won the science debate and the whole edifice will soon collapse.
That is dangerously naïve.
Tom, I would hope, (but I have been hoping for years) that the world would wake to the falsified Global warming hoax.

However, reality makes me believe that your opinion is closer to the truth than my dream.

Read Tom's excellent, (but depressing to a realist) article here (Link.)


What have we come to? Are we living in Bizzaro world?

PM Julia Gillard, pointing to Tony Abbott says:
Parliamentary Convention - she should call members
by their title, so she should have said:
"The Leader of the Opposition."
The (now) Speaker did NOT reprimand her!
Open letter by
Tim Andrews 

Executive Director
Australian Taxpayers' Alliance

Dear Taxpayer,

I had a strange dream last night.

I dreamt that I was in bizzaro-world watching a tragi-comedy soap opera. An absolute farce where we had a government clinging to power with the vote of a man Thompson who was so brazen in his misuse of union funds, he didn’t just use them to  pay for his re-election campaign - his union credit card was used to pay for brothels! Where the government installed a speaker (with full press gallery support) who is before the courts for sexually harassing a young staffer, who is  under police investigation for fraud against the commonwealth,  and who repeatedly sent abusive, sexist, and grossly offensive misogynist texts

In this dream, the Prime Minister, who in the past secretly aided her former-boyfriend to set up what she admitted was a “slush fund” and to then buy property with stolen union funds,  defended the disgraced Speaker, and her defence was simply to say that everyone opposed to her was a misogynist: a government that with a straight face defended misogyny by accusing misogyny. 

"- The twice-married Peter Slipper repeatedly sexts a young and good-looking gay man who works for him
- Peter Slipper expresses in these sexts a marked dislike for lady bits
- Peter Slipper tells the court that he loves his wife (despite her having the same unpleasant lady bits)
- Peter Slipper is therefore Husband of the Year and an innocent victim of Liberal Party machinations.

- Tony Abbott shows no signs of being fazed by strong women, having been married to one for years (Tim: I should also note having one as his Chief of Staff)
- Tony Abbott turns his back on Nicola Roxon in parliament
- Tony Abbott calls for the resignation of lady-bits-insulter and office masher Peter Slipper as Speaker of the House of Representatives
- Tony Abbott is a misogynist sexist pig."
In my dream, the government complained of the "Americanisation" of Australian politics, while itself basing it's attack template on US Marxist activist Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" (eg: Rule 12:  "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it."

So bizzare is this world that everyone in the media simply lapped this cognative madness up and reported the government line verbatim praising the Prime Minister's speech.

To say this dream described a total farce is an understatement. It is a comedy which puts Yes Minister to shame. It is absolutely totally unbelievable that such a thing could ever occur in reality. Our political and media class would NEVER stoop so low.

Except, Dear Taxpayer, as you are well aware, this was not a dream. This insanity is exactly what is occurring.

How can anyone possibly justify this excuse of a government? Anyone observing from the outside can only conclude that it is a total, absolute, and utter joke. Yet so insulated is our media, so removed from reality is our Canberra Press Gallery, that they blindly regurgitate the government line.

Julia Gillard’s rambling defence of the indefensible yesterday – her gall in baselessly attacking her opponents while she supported the utter disgrace of Peter Slipper (who since resigned as speaker), her shameless audacity is mind-boggling.  And yet our fawning media faithfully reprinted the government line. And praised her speech.

I would laugh at these antics, if it were not for the fact that they have real consequences, in the real world. 

As this farce continues, our budget deficit skyrockets, waste and overspending is occurring left right and centre, the “Infrastructure Government” hasn’t built a single thing,  the carbon tax is hitting every Australian family, our defence force becomes dilapidated  and our borders unsecure.

Families are hurting, and all the government can do is obsess about name-calling Tony Abbott.

This is beyond a joke.

We need an election now.

Tim Andrews
Executive Director

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Green Gillard Government's anti coal actions hit home once again.

Although coal-fired energy is Australia's cheapest and most efficient form of energy, and has given Australia a huge financial benefit in the past, our present Green Gillard Government are anti coal. (so is the present US government (back-up link).

Mining Australia has reported that the BHP/Mitsubishi (BMA) joint venture Gregory Crinum coal mine becomes the third Bowen Basin mine to shut down this year. (link and link)
BHP explained that this "decision follows a continuing operational review of the Gregory Crinum operations, which determined that the Gregory open-cut mine production was no longer profitable in the current economic environment of falling prices, high costs and a strong Australian dollar". 

BMA closed its Norwich Park coal mine in March this year and also announced plans to shelve Red Hill Mine near Moranbah as well as Saraji East mine plans, near Dysart.
The CFMEU's comment (via district president Steve Smyth ): (back-up link)
 “BHP management just see these mines as money factories."
Well, actually Steve, although NCTCS blog could not agree with all BHP CEO Marius Kloppers' decisions, his responsibilty to his share-holders, (they are the owner's of the mine,) Steve, is to earn a profit. The Australian Government may, irresponsibly year after year spend more than its income, however, if a company tries to follow government's example, they can soon end up in the red and in the gutter.

When this happens, ALL of the company's employees end up without work; company tax gets a hit and the Australian deficit becomes ever bigger.

Although BHP has not articulated it outright, the carbon (dioxide) tax must affect its operations. Power costs alone, with the crazy green energy scheme component,  must contribute to the "high costs."

Paul Howes: Please take note. Paul's aparent support for the carbon dioxide tax seems to, like the moon, wax and wain.

Paul Howes of the Australian Workers Union in July last Year: (back-up Link)
AUSTRALIA'S biggest union has finally thrown its support behind the carbon tax - and vowed to name and shame any companies which use it as an excuse to sack workers.
Having earlier warned the Australian Workers' Union would withdraw its support if just "one job" was lost, national secretary Paul Howes said yesterday the group was satisfied with the government's package.
This week has seems to contradict throwing his support behind the tax. (back-up link)
THE Australian Workers Union admitted it "didn't want the carbon tax" in a letter sent to its members the day after the scheme started, despite publicly endorsing it as long as not one job was lost.

Howes that again?

Antarctic Temperatures inconsistent with the hoax of AGW

P1: Cold Enough for you?
P2: I think it's getting colder!
In a world that is warming,  at least according to the AGW Alarmists, the cooling of temperatures in Antarctica contradicts their hypothesis.

The American Meteorological Society publishes the Journal of Climate and in volume 25 (link) in a paper by Sinclair et at found that "Reconstructed mean annual temperatures show no significant change between 1882 and 2006..." and that "a cooling trend" is observed since 1979.

From CO2 Science: (link)

Sinclair, K.E., Bertler, N.A.N. and van Ommen, T.D. 2012. Twentieth-century surface temperature trends in the Western Ross Sea, Antarctica: Evidence from a high-resolution ice core. Journal of Climate 25: 3629-3636.

What was learned
Over the full length of their record, the three researchers say, with respect to temperatures, that they could find "no significant trends between 1882 and 2006." Neither were there any significant trends in either summer or cold season temperatures since 1958. However, they say there was "a decrease in cold season temperatures of -1.59°C ± 0.84°C/decade at 90% confidence (p = 0.07) since 1979," which cooling, in their words, was "coincident with a positive trend in the southern annular mode, which is linked to stronger southerly winds and increased sea ice extent and duration in the western Ross Sea," which they say "is one of the few regions experiencing a significant positive trend in sea ice and a negative trend in sea surface temperatures," citing Comiso et al. (2011).

What it means
Sinclair et al. conclude that "positive sea ice extent anomalies in the region adjacent to the Whitehall Glacier site, and cooler more vigorous meridional circulation in cooler months, may also be linked to lowered continental surface temperatures," but they indicate that additional data are required to determine the full extent of the recent cooling.

Read More at Journal of Climate and CO2 Science.