Friday, 5 October 2012

War on Women and the Handbag Mafia.

Ex-Radio Giant Jim Ball writes: (link)
(he is still a giant, but to my knowledge he is currently ex-radio.)
When is the media in Australia going to start doing its job? I mentioned this a few weeks back. Basically the "Abbott women thing" stems from the democrat play book in the US.
Not one media outlet in Australia has joined the dots.
Lazy, stupid, incompetent, not paying attention...Here's what I wrote then..

"...On the subject of Tony Abbott and his "problem with women" and the associated smear campaign it's worth pointing out that this "problem with women" campaign is exactly what's going on in the lead up to the Presidential election in the US. As the Labor women, Pliberseck, Roxon, Deb O'Neil et al are doing here, in the US they are trying to mix in a gender war and religion (think Abbott's Catholicism, the pill, RU486, abortion etc and Romney's Mormonism) and further frame him as the dangerous and radical mad monk not to be trusted as PM.
Jim recommends a "google search" on "Republican war on women." Knowing that Jim has been a successsful communicator over many years, NCTCS did just that.
143,000,000 hits!
One of the hits that hit the NCTCS blogger in the eye is this: (Link)

Democrats can't run on their own record, so they are lobbing false claims against the GOP to win the female vote

or being interpreted into the Australian Political Scene:

GreenGillard Government can't run on their own record, so they are lobbing false claims against the Opposition to win the female vote

Left reflects left.

The NO CARBON TAX Climate Sceptics are not aligned with either the LEFT leaning Green Gillard Government or the RIGHT  leaning Coalition.

We are a Centrist party.

It is interesting that today we had Tony Abbott's wife having to join the debate by saying that her husband wasn't a misogynist.

In the News Ltd media (Link) she wrote that she cannot "stand by and let others claim that the man I love and the father my children adore has some agenda against women".

"I know these distortions are not true and have decided to speak up in response to these personal and groundless attacks."
"Tony gets women. He is surrounded by strong women. Tony grew up with three sisters, has three daughters, is supported by a female deputy in Julie Bishop and has always had a female chief of staff.  Our three daughters, Bridget, Louise and Frances, are living the life that feminists aspire for every young woman . . . Our girls are educated, confident, grounded and happy young women making their own way in the world and the love of their father has played a big part in that. They in their own way have influenced their father's thinking."
"If Tony was anti-women why did he cycle 1000km this year raising $150,000 for the local women's refuge for a facility protecting women at risk?"

US Pollster Rasmussen recently reported: (link)
The president picks up support from just 35% of white voters overall. That’s eight points below the 43% of the white vote he won in 2008. The gender gap is now at 11 points. That’s little changed from the 12-point gap in 2008. Romney leads by 11 among men, and the candidates are even among women.

Interesting - the candidates are even among women.

However  the Misogynist Abbott campaign seems to be working for the GreenGillard Government.

News Poll (Link)
The Opposition Leader has been accused by Labor ministers of having a problem with women, and the Newspoll reveals just 29 per cent of female voters are satisfied with his performance compared with 34 per cent of men.
As Jim says, in the first sentence:
"When is the media in Australia going to start doing its job?"
Most of them are pushing their political points instead of reporting objectively.