Friday, 14 September 2012

IPCC: No Evidence after more than 20 years of Research.

Wrestling reality!
John McLean has a well written piece for Quadrant on Line:

The big bunnies of climate science (link)

In the 1950 movie "Harvey", James Stewart played Elwood P. Dowd, an inebriate, whose imaginary friend was a six-foot tall white rabbit named Harvey. In one of many memorable lines from the movie Elwood says, "Well, I've wrestled with reality for 35 years, doctor, and I'm happy to state I finally won out over it".
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), inebriated with its power and influence, has wrestled with the reality of climate change for 23 years and is even more adamant than Elwood about its imaginary "friend" - significant and dangerous manmade warming.

It's not only the IPCC suffering the delusion but also the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) and, on the basis of those two, numerous governments, government-funded organizations, academics, environmental groups and the dupes of the mainstream media.

To sustain the delusion, which after more than 20 years of substantially funded research still has no supporting credible evidence, requires numerous supplementary delusions.
John covers:
  • The delusion that historical temperatures are accurate
  • The delusion of an abnormal, dangerous and continued warming trend
  • The delusion that proof of warming can be segued into evidence of manmade warming
  • The delusion that there are "multiple lines of evidence" to support the notion of manmade warming   
  • The delusion that the peer-review of climate science papers is accurate and impartial 
  • The twin delusions that CO2 concentration correlates with temperature and that correlation proves causation
  • The twin delusions that CO2 concentration correlates with temperature and that correlation proves causation
  • The delusion that a consensus exists and that consensus is how scientific truths are determined   
An excellent piece - read it at Quadrant on Line (HERE)

Carbon Free Food Sources

The Sugar cane on the left is from Florida USA. It is produced by a company called Domino Sugar.
The cattle on the right are from Australia.

According to the producer of the sugar cane - Domino: (Link)
Sugar is a naturally sweet product from our earth, so it's natural for us to want to be good stewards of our environment. We have a head start at this, in fact, because the sugar cane plant converts sunlight to energy more efficiently than any other major crop.
As a result of this, and the various earth friendly farming techniques and energy producing efforts at our Florida facility, specially marked packages of Domino® Sugar have been certified CarbonFree®

As Soylent Green writes:
And, if we make our carbohydrates carbon-free, we have what…?
Water!   That’s right, water.

By Domino's logic, the Australian cattle on the right are also carbon free. Refer this study by Dr Gerrit van der Lingen; (link)
According to MAF, 98.7% of agricultural methane comes from ruminant enteric fermentation, released by burping; and is part of a natural closed loop that has nothing to do with fossil sequestered carbon.

h/t Bill Pounder, Steve Goddard and Marc Morano.