Sunday, 9 September 2012

Can you believe James Hansen's Data? er....NO!

You couldn't make it up, oh hang on, he just did.

The Sun is the fundamental energy sources of the Earth's climate

As reported by The Hockey Schtick: (Link)

New paper finds solar activity has a strong influence on Arctic winter severity

A paper published today in the Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics finds the ice winter severity index over the past 600 years in the Baltic Sea [located a few degrees south of the Arctic circle] is "strongly modulated" by solar activity over periods as short as one decade. The authors also found that the 180 year cycle of the Barycenter modulates solar activity and the ice winter severity index.

The Paper:
Solar Forcing on the ice winter severity index in the western Baltic Region
M.C.Leal-Silv; V.M. Velasco Herrera  Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestial Physics


The Sun is the fundamental energy sources of the Earth's climate and therefore its variations can contribute to natural climate variations. In the present work we study the variability of ice winter severity index in the Baltic Sea since the 15th century and its possible connection with solar activity, based in a new method for finding and measuring amplitude-phase cross-frequency coupling in time series with a low signal/noise ratio, we suggests that the ice winter severity index in the Baltic Sea is modulated by solar activity and solar motion in several frequency bands during the last 500 yrs. According to our model a strong coupling between the decadal periodicity in the ice winter severity index time series and the secular periodicity of solar activity is present. We found that the ice winter severity index is strongly modulated by solar activity at the decadal periodicity. We also found that the 180 year periodicity of the Barycentre motion modulates the amplitudes of the decadal periodicity of solar activity and the Ice winter severity index. This method represents a useful tool for study the solar-terrestrial relationships.

The Grand Minimum:(link)
I found this paper’s abstract most interesting and decided to do a little research on the Barycenter and were we are today in the cycle and where it was during the Maunder Minimum.

I found this on the Terra Cycles web site:  Solar Barycenter Update June 17, 2010 (See Image)
As of June 17, 2010, the solar barycenter remains near the solar surface.  The solar barycenter is the center of gravity for all the planets and the Sun.  The barycenter interacts directly with the Sun’s core.  The core of the Sun is dense and thus moves somewhat independent of the upper layers.  Usually, the solar barycenter causes the core to jiggle within the Sun, which causes familiar solar activity seen in the 1900s.
At this time, the solar barycenter is transiting the Sun’s surface in a tighter formation than it has in over 6000 years; even more so than prior to the Maunder Minimum in the 1600s.  This is a significant solar event. [My emphasis]

Playing in the Cubbie House

The politico kids are squabbling in the Cubbie House.

Australian Trade Minister Craig Emerson: (link)
If Swan had gone down the path of populism so often trodden by Senator Joyce he would have rejected the FIRB's recommendation.
This is the Trade Minister? If Shandong Ruyi, basically a Chinese Government-owned company, takes over Cubbie, there will be no trade of the cotton. It will be shipped off-shore to make suits for the increasing Chinese middle class (is Chinese middle class a conflict in terms?)

There will be no Australian Trade with Cubbie's cotton. As Barnaby Joyce says: "It's a loss of 13 per cent of our nation's cotton crop."

Treasurer Wayne Swan: (link)
FEDERAL Treasurer Wayne Swan stands by his decision to sell Australia's largest cotton farm to a Chinese-dominated consortium, saying jobs would have been lost without this investment. 
Is Wayne selling Cubbie? (Perhaps that should read -"Swan stands by his decision to allow the sale of ...)

If jobs are saved, that's a small plus. However, he could save many more jobs by reverse his insane decision to introduce the (hysterically inaccurate - link)
notion of a carbon tax. Or the MRRT. Even if the jobs at Cubbie  are not taken by Chinese coolies, he has lost 1000 Fortesque jobs in mining. (Link)

Nationals Party Leader Warren Truss: (link)
"While capital flow is welcomed, the treasurer must explain how a purchase of this scale will not compromise market competition or pricing for Australian cotton, with Cubbie representing around 10 per cent of our national cotton crop."
If all that cotton goes offshore, there is less local cotton for Australians, and the local price should rise. Is that in the National interest?

And if, the cotton goes from a Chinese Australian farm to China for Chinese consumption, there is no local income tax on the  "sale" of the cotton. Is that in the National Interest?

Opposition Treasury Spokesman Joe Hockey: (Link)
"I speak on the foreign investment policy of the Coalition. We support the Foreign Investment Review Board.'' 
Foreign Investment is good for Australia if it develops the country and its assets. However a sale of a local company, which should, in principle, pay tax to the coffers, to an overseas conglomerate that will not pay any tax to Australia can not be in the National Interest and certainly does not develop the country.

Queensland Nationals MP George Christensen: (link)
"It's not just Barnaby Joyce. It's the majority of the National Party." 
Wayne Swan and the FIRB should let the Australian populace know how the sale of
  • Australia's biggest farm by value;
  • Australia's Biggest Water Licence;
  • Transfer of Ownership (which does not equate to Foreign Investment);
is in Australia's best Interest.

Real Science vs Pseudo-Science

Correlation? (Image -TBWCGW)
A new full length feature film full of science facts to oppose science fiction films such as Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth which was full of inconvenient lies (back-up link here and here)

Some extracts from "The Boy who cried Global Warming":

If we say that both warming and cooling and snow storms and lack of snow storms and losts of hurricanes and no hurricanes are all caused by global warming – nothing is testable; it’s like Marxism. It’s a pseudo science – not a real science.

We have the alarmists acting as if they are the accepted science and define those of us who are skeptical as deniers….and we’re supposed to prove that a non accepted scientific position Anthropogenic global warming is the accepted truth and it’s not.

Voice-over: The Global warming hypothesis needs more observation.

Voice-over: The polar bear represents the canary in the coal mine. By studying the population that world should be able to see a decrease in bear numbers….If the example of the polar bear has been misrepresented, what other claims are inaccurate?

Well, in the IPCC there is a consensus that’s pre-ordained because of the selection of people that are on the commission....

The Boy Who Cried Warming (Documentary) from Pete Garcia II on Vimeo.