Friday, 7 September 2012

Spring Snow

It's Spring in NSW and a young man's fancy lightly turns to love skiing.

Lantern Banjo Drive, Thredbo: Image Lantern Apartments.
Although the Department of Climate CON Change warned us "that global warming could slash the ski season by up to 96 per cent,"  and,  from the CSIRO:
  • Predicted reductions in extent and duration of snow cover in alpine regions (Whetton 1998)
  • Modelling also indicates there are likely to be significant reductions in snow cover and the length of the snow season (Williams et al 2001)
  • Modelling indicates that there are likely to be significant reductions in snow cover and the length of the snow season in alpine areas (Whetton 1998, Hennessy  et al 2003, Hennessy et al 2008)
this year MUST be an exception.

The Thredbo snow report:
Friday 07 September, 6 am, By Taryn Elder
Weather Top: -4°C. It's snowing right down to the village with 5cm already recorded. There are heavy snow clouds blanketing the resort and visibility is reduced up high. Temps are set to stay cold with snow in the forecast for the rest of today so pack the all weather gear. There is a moderate wind that may become stronger. The expected top temperature between 9am and 3pm is -3°C.

"A wet one up on the slopes at Thredbo Resort today, that didn't stop us having some fun and getting excited about our extended ski season" ~Taryn Elder

Climate Delegates Win again

Doha Conference Centre. Image IPCC.
Bangkok climate talks had as much success as Copenhagen, Cancun, Durban etc etc.

No agreement was arrived at.

The delegates had another trip to a tropical location. Isn't it great to get to fly round the world, spend time at luxury resorts, have a few chats, achieve nothing and then return home to prepare for the next gabfest.

The Energy Collective: "The U.N. climate talks featuring delegates from 190 nations, that have been ongoing for the last week in Bangkok, Thailand, and which conclude today, have produced few concrete results."

Science 2.0: "Bangkok held the latest meeting that accomplished nothing."

The winners are the delegates who get to meet again in at the Qatar National Conference Centre in Doha in December.

Why do global warmer alarmists go to globally warm locations?