Thursday, 6 September 2012

The seas are rising!

Image From NOAA

The seas are rising! We have been warned by the IPCC and Australia's Climate Con Commissioner Tim Flannery.

The seas are rising! Well, some are and some are falling.

The chart above from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) shows a majority of green arrows. The Green arrows show a rise of between 0 and 3mm/year. The blue arrows indicate falls of 0-3mm/yr.

The lower arrow of the Queensland, Australian coast is located at Bundaberg.

Clicking on that arrow gives -

At  0.25mm/year, in 100 years at that rate, and if you think you will be still here in 100 years, buy a pair of galoshes.

North America has its ups and downs.

West coast -

While on Canada's East coast -

h/t sunshine hours via Marc Morano's Climate Depot.

Money out of Thin Air

Here is the latest from Koozzoo News - a video entitled Carbon Tax and Rural Land

$6.5m investment returns $20.5m in one year or’s money out of thin air.

Wait 'til the white shoe boys hear of this, they'll be all over it!

If video above is not active, go to Koozzoo News HERE.

Pollution of Power.

 Here is a video of Michael Smith's Sydney address about the dealings of Bruce Wislon, The AWU, the phoney Incorporated body.

Michael is a very brave man.

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UK Going Green? No. Green is going.

UK Moving away from Green.
When the UK Cameron Government was elected, they declared they were going green. Now they are moving away from the Green Obsession.

Reuters reports:
The appointments in Prime Minister David Cameron's ministerial reshuffle on Tuesday mark a departure from his pledge to run Britain's greenest government, in favour of the fossil fuel sector that generates billions of pounds in tax revenue.

"There is a shift away from greener ministers in posts towards less green ministers and I think that's serious," Alan Whitehead, a member of the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee, said during an industry event on Tuesday.
 UK Parliament is gaining some sense.

However the changes didn't meet the approval of the Moonbat. Green George Monbiot in the Guardian wrote:
So that's it then. The final shred of credibility of "the greenest government ever" has been doused in petrol and ignited with a casual flick of a gold-plated lighter.
Cameron had the sense to appoint John Hayes as Energy Minister. (link)
John Hayes replaced Charles Hendry as Energy Minister in the reshuffle.
Hayes has been a vocal opponent of wind farms, a technology the government regards as key to meeting climate change goals.
"Such tall structures will have a detrimental impact on the quality of life for local residents, the attractiveness of the area and its potential for tourism," Hayes said at a local council meeting, reflecting the views of his constituents campaigning against the construction of a wind farm.
He said wind farms would always be backed up by conventional power plants because of their unreliability and that they had a detrimental impact on wildlife.
"Wind power (considerably) increases the average household energy bills as the profit-hungry energy companies continue to chase the taxpayer funded subsidies and credits," the new Energy Minister said.
In an Australian befuddled Government, Energy Minister Martin Ferguson may be the only one with some sense. He has turned his back on the previous plan to pay coal fired power stations to close down. (link)
TAXPAYERS will not pay for dirty power stations to be shut down after the government axed another element of its carbon tax package.

The move will save money for a tight budget, and is likely to be welcomed by communities that were concerned about wide-scale job losses
The “contract for closure” program was designed to offer financial incentives to power stations to shut down part of their operations, in order to clean up the environment.
But the Government announced today it would no longer offer money to the power stations, and that it had “ceased negotiations with electricity generators involved”.

h/t Benny Peiser