Sunday, 2 September 2012

Liberal's Climate Policy is crap!

Greg Hunt
The Liberals seem to have done a big about-face. Liberal leader, Tony Abbott once was quoted as saying that "Climate change is crap." (link)

There is a lot of confusion about "Climate Change." As has been discussed before, the Alarmists have caused the confusion. What the Alarmists originally called Anthropogenic (or man-made) Global Warming (AGW)  when the warming slowed and stopped, morphed into "man-made climate change."

Then somehow the "man-made" descriptor disappeared and now the talk is only of climate change.

And that is the confusion.

We believe that climate changes; we believe that climate always changes so we are not climate change deniers. This has been previously discussed - Who are the deniers - HERE.

Today on Meet the Press Moderator, Journalists and guest  all talked about "climate change." I believe that they meant "anthropogenic climate change" or "man-made climate change."

Here is an extract (link)

HUGH RIMINTON: Thank you very much. Now, let’s just make one thing clear. The latest science science continues to come in on climate change how are you reading the latest climate change science.
GREG HUNT: My view and our view hasn’t changed. I believe that it is real and significant, but we have to be cautious not to attribute every event as some do. It's a long-term process, I believe that the science is real, the challenge is real, but we have to put it in perspective of - we take practical steps that accord with what the rest of the world is doing.

Surely when Hugh said  "climate change", he really meant "man-made climate change" and Greg, when he said "it (climate change) is real" also meant man-made climate change is real.

See the confusion?

Another Short Extract (slightly edited)

GREG HUNT: For more than 20 years I have said, and I continue to believe, that climate change is real......

HUGH RIMINTON: Is it confusing.....
Greg Hunt's remarks follow on from his recent declaration of support for the Kyoto 2 protocol. (link)
THE Coalition has declared its support for Australia's involvement in a second round of the Kyoto protocol climate pact - a pledge that goes even further than the Gillard government's present stance.
Despite past resistance to Kyoto under John Howard, the Coalition's climate action spokesman, Greg Hunt, has given ''in principle support'' to Australia's involvement in a second round of the Kyoto deal, after the first round expires in December.
It is a little hard to know if Mr Abbott still believes that man-made global warming is a hoax and is pandering to warmist elements in his party or has he has turned his back on the true science of climate change, not the pseudo-science of the ClimateGate CRU.

The NO CARBON TAX Climate Sceptics party have not been taken in by the falsified hypothesis of man-made global warming.


Insane Morons!

Two opinion pieces today - Terry McCrann talks of Insanity in Oz whilst Alan Caruba talks of Morons in the US.

I am continually amazed that there are people who would still vote for the Government's of Julia Gillard and Barack Obama. I can't find them, however, according to the polls one person out of three will still vote for the Green Gillard Government.

Terry McCrann:  (link)

Defining our national insanity

IT'S a challenge to decide which was more inane and utterly delinked from reality. The decision to tie our carbon-constrained future to the old dead tree of Europe, in historian Manning Clark's iconic phrase. Or the detailed analysis of what would be the consequences. 

Certainly, there's an appropriateness in both the phrase and its use in this context.

If linking to this old dead tree is, in any way and in any context, "the answer", I would dread to know what was the question.

Europe's -- despite the claims of Climate Change Minister Greg Combet -- lonely and largely only attempted assault on the production of tree food, almost announces its determination not to be the contrasting alternative proffered by Clark: the young tree green. Unlike old dead trees, they need carbon dioxide.

Great column - read more here.

Alan Caruba: (link)

You Know You're a Moron If...

We now know the theme of Barack Obama’s campaign in the remaining weeks before the November 6 election.

In an interview with the Associated Press last week he said that Mitt Romney holds “extreme positions.” This is in line with the immediate Democratic Party attack launched against Paul Ryan as a “radical.”

The sad part of this is that people who will vote for Obama still believe what he says.

To them I say, you know you’re a moron if….

Read Alan's complete list HERE.

Alan concludes:
I could go on, but it is a very long list of things Democrats and liberals apparently either do not know or prefer to ignore.

Voters for Obama will ignore the fact that Obama is “transforming” America into the equivalent of Greece and taking the nation over a fiscal cliff.

Wind Turbines - Health Hazard

Alec N. Salt, Ph.D., of  Washington University in St Louis Cochlear Fluids Research Laboratory

 in a report titled

WindTurbines can be Hazardous to Human Health 

Large wind turbines generate very low frequency sounds and infrasound (below 20 Hz) when the wind driving them is turbulent. The amount of infrasound depends on many factors, including the turbine manufacturer, wind speed, power output, local topography, and the presence of nearby turbines (increasing when the wake from one turbine enters the blades of another). The infrasound cannot be heard and is unrelated to the loudness of the sound that you hear. Infrasound can only be measured with a sound level meter capable of detecting it (and not using the A-weighted scale). Video cameras and other recording devices are not sensitive to infrasound and do not reproduce it.

After describing the ear's sensitivity to infrasound, Dr Salt lists several ways that infrasound could affect you even though you cannot hear it. They are:
  1. Causing Amplitude Modulation (pulsation) of heard sounds.  
  2. Stimulating “subconscious” pathways. 
  3. Causing Endolymphatic Hydrops.
  4. Possibly Accelerating Presbyacusis (making you go deaf faster over the years)


Read More from Washington's University in St Louis Cochlear Fluid Research Laboratory (Link)

Unprecedented Arctic Ice Melt "Gross Nonsense!"

Image: Climate Change is Natural.
You heard it hear third.

Pierre Gosselin on his NoTricksZone reports an item on the website of Veteran German journalist Ulli Kulke - Never Say “Like Never Before."

Kulke asks: 
Is the ice melt at the North Pole really unprecendented? There are indications that show otherwise.”
Kulke labels claims of Arctic ice melt reaching “unprecedented” levels “gross nonsense” and reminds us that “during changeovers between warm and cold periods there have been already completely ice-free Arctics on multiple occasions.”

Kulke also quotes Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) physicist Rüdiger Gerdes (in Bremerhaven, Germany) who says the high Arctic temperatures are not only because of man-made greenhouse gases, but also because of natural periodic fluctuations with a rhythm of 60 to 70 years.
Kulke quotes Gerdes:
"Right now we are in a warm phase."
 Kulke explains, citing NSIDC Director Mark Serreze, “…the summer of 2012 was not especially warm at the higher latitudes” and that the sea ice development was unusual this year. Kulke writes that in March 2012, sea ice area was greater than at any time in the last 5 years and ice melt proceeded normally during almost the entire melt season until early August when a huge storm caused the sea ice area curve to turn sharply downwards to a level never seen – in at least 30 years, that is.
Read more at NoTrickZone.