Monday, 27 August 2012

Julie Gillard - congenital lawyer

Michael Smith -NOT a misogynist nut job.
For Quadrant On Line, Alan Jones has done an analysis of Julia Gillard's press conference where she called it to announce change in immigration numbers and hi-jacked her own press conference to "answer" all questions on the AWU Slater and Gordon scandal. (Link Quadrant On Line.)

As mentioned before by this blog,  there was not one member of the press in attendance who had been paying attention to the story.
Julia Gillard’s hasty presser on Thursday (Aug. 23) revealed much more about the unprepared press gallery than it did of her “young and naïve” role in the AWU’s fraud and racketeering scandal.
Although Alan did not mention it, there must be a certain amount of temerity in the MSM. At least two people have lost their jobs over this and hovering over all of us is the threat of the Finkelstein report (Link).

JOURNALIST: Prime Minister, these events, particularly the ones over the last few days, are they having any impact on your thinking about what to do about media regulation?

PM: My thinking about media regulation will not be defined by these events. I’ve well and truly got my eyes on the public policy questions and the future. So the test I will use in dealing with any issues about media regulation is not what difference it makes today, but what will be the circumstance for the ability of Australians to get quality, diverse information in five, 10, 15, 20 years’ time.

In actual fact, Finkelstein is the reverse. It would make it nigh on impossible to get quality diverse information.

Hedley Thomas has been named the 2012 Queensland Journalist of the Year for his investigation into Wivenhoe Dam. Hedley has been pursuing the AWU/Gillard Scandal story. Why then did our PM  claim that ''misogynist nut jobs'' are behind an internet campaign that has been swirling against her for months.  You could not get anyone more level headed and even handed than ex-2UE broadcaster Mike Smith who has been one of the main people pursuing the story. He recently address a packed Wesley Conference centre. (Link)

On his new website Michael will continue pursuing the story. His latest posts mention that, as a former police officer, he "learnt that frauds are investigated on the documents, the paperwork." He also thanked some of his sources - Bob Kernohan, Harry Lowicki and another - Michael Smith.
I’ve never doubted Harry’s motivation for a moment from the first time I spoke to him last November.   Harry is interested in a truthful, accurate public record on a matter of great public importance.
Bob’s motivation has been unwavering too – he wants the members of the union to get their money back.  Bob’s story hasn’t changed from when he first started kicking up about the matter in the mid 1990s when Jullia Gillard was an obscure lawyer. (Link)
Michael's latest analysis of the AWU scandal can be found here including a
copy of the Application that contains Ms Gillard's writing on the line that has the name of the Association.   Download _92_04_22 - Application for Incorporation - from IC4