Sunday, 26 August 2012

One Giant loss for mankind

Vale Neil Armstrong.

One giant loss for mankind.

The world watched, on that July afternoon when a man called Armstrong walked upon the moon.

When he made that famous step on July 20, 1969, he uttered a phrase that has been carved in stone and quoted across the planet: "That's one small step for [a] man; one giant leap for mankind."

Science Haters and Ice Loss

Australian PM Julia Gillard this week talked about  'misogynists and nut
Skate surfaced at North Pole: 1958. Image from NAVSOURCE
jobs', ie women haters and nut cases.

What is the term then for science haters?

From Psychology Today  (link)
Why all the anger at science?

A legitimate source may be where pseudoscience masquerades as science, either because of capitalist intrigue, or simple credo.

Or, as in the pseudoscience of climate science masquerading as science, perhaps because of communist intrigue in an attempt to redistribute world wealth.

The science haters and nut cases are continually telling us that the arctic will be ice free.

Was it because of global warming that the Skate (see image) was able to surface at the pole in 1958, 1959?  (Link)

As Steven Goddard points out (link)
In 2007, our friends went hysterical and told us that the Arctic would be ice free by 2008, 2010, 2012 or 2013. Since then, nothing has changed.

by Real Science.

NOAA Showing 28% More Ice Than The 2007 Minimum

Turquoise represents ice present in 2012 which wasn’t present at the 2007 minimum.
Red shows the opposite. There is 36% more ice than there was at the 2007 minimum.

Read more at Real Science 

New Paper

A paper published in Science finds summer Arctic Sea Ice extent during the Holocene Thermal Maximum 8,000 years ago was "less than half of the record low 2007 level." The paper finds a "general buildup of sea ice from ~ 6,000 years before the present" which reached a maximum during the Little Ice Age and "attained its present (year 2000) extent at 4,000 years before the present"