Friday, 17 August 2012

Labor - Carbon Tax: Libs - ETS?

MP Hunt: A lone voice crying in the wilderness?
Although Canada has withdrawn from Kyoto, and Tony Abbott has previously said that he believes that man-made climate change is "Crap," could it be that the Libs, if and/or when elected, will reverse the carbon (dioxide) tax but hit us with an Emissions Trading Scheme?

Reuters reports (link) that  

Australia's opposition backs Kyoto 2
Aug 16 (Reuters Point Carbon) - Australia's opposition Liberal party climate spokesman Greg Hunt on Thursday gave his "in principle" backing to signing up for a second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol, making it easier for the under-fire government to sign the U.N. climate treaty.

"What the world really needs is to bring China and India and Indonesia on board, to bring Russia and Brazil on board. I think it will be easier to strike a 2016 agreement to commence in 2020, if there is a Kyoto 2," Hunt said, according to The Age.
No mention of the USA.  The Howard Government had the sense not to sign the original Kyoto.

Original Kyoto Agreement:

  • Kyoto is a legally binding agreement between signed-up countries to meet emissions reduction targets of all greenhouse gases by 2012 relative to 1990 levels.
  • No. of countries which took part in the discussions (in 1997): 141
  • No. of (industrialised) countries which ratified the agreement (in 2001): 34 
Canada has pulled out of the agreement, Japan and Russia have also indicated that they will not sign the new agreement. The leading emitters of harmless vital-to-life CO2, USA, China and India have not agreed to any targets under Kyoto.  So far, according to Reuters:
...the Australian government has ducked making any commitments towards a new Kyoto period.
The Canadian Minister Peter Kent, after the Durban conference announced that Canada would withdraw from Kyoto.