Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Atomic Scientists Confuse weather and climate

Looking for the missing link between
man-made CO2 emissions and runaway warming.
The 31/7/2012 Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has a curious statement (link):
In a summer dominated by heat waves and a devastating nationwide drought, it would seem that climate change would be a major issue in the US presidential campaign.
Surely atomic scientists would know the difference between climate and weather. One summer doesn't a weather pattern make.

The Bulletin is headed Conspiracy of Silence.

There has been a conspiracy of silence by the Alarmist scientists.

  • Have they told you that the world including the US has been cooling for a dozen years (See Figure 1)
  • Have they told you that the AGW hypothesis has been falsified? (Link)
  • Have they told you that summers were warmer in the 1930s (See Figure 2)?
  • Have they told you that there is not one skerrick of evidence to connect man-made CO2 emissions with (the non-existant) runaway global warming? (See $10K Challenge - Link)
  • Have they told you that rise in temperature precedes rise in atmospheric CO2 by ~800 years? (Jo Nova - Link)
  • Have they told you that the IPCC tried to suppress the  world wide Medieval Warm Period? (Link)
There certainly has been a conspiracy of silence but it is from the charlatans, alarmists and the Main Stream Media.

Annual Temperature
 Contiguous United States

For official data, please contact the NCDC Climate Services and Monitoring Division at ncdc.orders@noaa.gov.

Annual 1998 - 2011 Data Values:
 Annual 1998 - 2011 Average = 54.10 degF
Annual 1998 - 2011 Trend = -0.85 degF / Decade 
Figure 1: NCDC

Figure 2: Summer Statistics (John Christy)