Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Lawless in Rio

Zena: Eco-Warrior.
Lucille Frances Ryan aka Lucy Tapert aka Lucy Lawless known for her TV role as Xena: Warrior Princess, has been arrested in June. She pled guilty to charges of trespass.
"Oooh, that sounds so flash, doesn't it?" she says. "Out on bail, baby! But you know, people I've met, oceans campaigners and people backstage at Rio+20, some of these guys were like, 'I've been arrested 30 times.' It was kind of fabulous." (LINK)
As part of Greenpeace's Save the Arctic campaign, she and other "eco-warriors" staged a three day protest aboard an Arctic oil drilling ship.
"I never really thought we would get on the boat to be honest. I just thought we'd be stopped at any moment, but it kept not happening. And then there we were. I was totally shellshocked for the first 10 minutes, I just could not believe I was up on top of this thing." (LINK)
Great Fun?
Someone on the ship played loud music. "Just to be a pain in the arse, to freak you out and unnerve you, but it actually just made us howl with laughter." Shell has denied any involvement in these tactics.

Loud music made her howl with laughter? Perhaps she should have changed her name from Lawless to brainless.

h/t Tom Nelson