Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Terror Campaign in rural Victoria, Australia

Attention: Any Victorians interested in presenting the truth, why not get a mob together and have answers ready to their questions. Is it real - What -  Is Climate Change real? YES. Climate changes. Climate has change since before man was on Earth.

Can we do it?

Can we do what?

Stop Climate Change? NO.

Is it economically achievable ?  THat is the "Andrew Bolt Question."  See HERE.

Can we stop anthropogenic global warming? It hasn't warmed for years. At the moment all major bodies are recording a decline. See graphs below compared with Mauna Loa CO2 record.
(Graphs from Professor Ole Humlum Climate4You March 2012 -

Hadley CRU3 showing cooling for 10 years from 2002; NASA:GISS showing cooling since 2003 and NCDC showing cooling from late 2002,