Thursday, 22 March 2012

Historic Spring Snowstorm Strikes Western Oregon

Mt Washington - Oregon
Image: Troy McMullin Pacific Crest
 Vancouver, Washington (March 21st 2012) - "Weather history is in the making today across Oregon today. For the second time in the past week, Oregon has been hit with yet another historic snowstorm. Snow fell to near sea level from Portland south to Eugene along the I-5 corridor overnight and continues today. This "spring" snowstorm is of substantial historical significance for Eugene, Oregon. Eugene's records date back to 1939 at the airport. As of 11AM PDT, preliminary reports from Eugene's airport indicates that at least 6" of snow has fallen since midnight. This total will likely be updated again later today and may reveal additional snow accumulation as snow continues to fall. Other areas around Eugene are reporting as much as 9" of total accumulation through 11AM PDT. This is going to go down as a truly historic "spring" snowstorm for Eugene and for Oregon!"

The following records have already been broken at the Eugene airport (1939-2012) this morning:

  1. The single largest calendar day snowfall ever recorded at the Eugene airport for this late in the season (1939-2012).
  2. The single largest March calendar day snowfall ever recorded at the Eugene airport. Previous record was 4.9" set on 3/5/1951.
  3. Ranks in the top 10 of all-time heaviest single day snowfall totals of ANY month of the year at the Eugene airport (1939-2012).

The following records are also in jeopardy of falling by the end of the day at the Eugene airport (1939-2012):

1. Daily record rainfall (melted snow). Old record is 1.20" set on this day in 1998.
2. Coldest daytime high temperature ever recorded for this late in the year.
3. Coldest daytime high for the date. Old record is 43 set on this day in 1975.

Top 5 Calendar Day "March" Eugene Airport Snowfall Totals (inches) (1939-2012)

6.0"       3/21/2012 (through 11AM PDT)
4.9"       3/5/1951
2.9"       3/2/1960
2.5"       3/1/1966
2.3"       3/9/1951

Top 10 Calendar Day Eugene Airport Snowfall Totals (inches) All Months (1939-2012)
1/25/1969       14"
1/26/1969       13.9"
1/27/1969       10"
1/13/1971       7.3"
1/27/1950       7.2"
12/2/1985       7.2"
3/21/2012       6"
1/12/1971       6.2"
2/19/1993       5.7"
2/28/1996       5"

Steve Pierce
President, Oregon Chapter of the American Meteorological Society
Oregon AMS web site:

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