The IPCC are NOT Telling you the truth!

Graph from Climate4You
As atmospheric CO2 rises constantly, Global temperature
descends...then rises....then descends.
Corellation?        Busted!
If you think that the Alarmists and the IPCC are telling you the truth, check the reality from these sites:

For a summary of all the current date, go to Professor Ole Humlum/s Climate4You site:

Also, a great site to see all that statistics is a site called OPEN MIND - link:

The links cover - inter alia
  • Surface temperatures:
  •  Satellite-based atmospheric temperature
  •  Sea Ice
  • Sea Level
  • Snow Cover
  • Total Solar Irradiance (TSI)
  • Greenhouse Gases

If the Alarmists and the IPCC actually used the REAL DATA, they would have to admit that their scare tactics were not working and that the man-made AGW hypothesis had been falsified.