Peer-reviewed: No increase in multi-day temperature variability in Austria following 20th Centurywarming

From CO2 Science (Link)

Hiebl, J. and Hofstatter, M. 2012. No increase in multi-day temperature variability in Austria following climate warming. Climatic Change 113: 733-750. 
(Link) Cover Date     2012-08-01     DOI     10.1007/s10584-011-0389-x

Is earth's weather getting more extreme and variable in response to the warming that plucked the planet out of the chilly grip of the Little Ice Age? Climate alarmists claim that it should have been doing so; and in a review of this significant question, Easterling et al. (2000) go even further, stating that data in support of this proposition "would add to the body of evidence that there is a discernible human effect on the climate."

Starting from a low level of temperature variability around 1900, the two Austrian researchers report there was a slow and steady rise in variability during the whole 20th century. However, they also indicate there was a "period of persistently high variability levels before 1900," which led them to say that the "relatively high levels of temperature variability during the most recent warm decades from 1990 to 2010 are put into perspective by similar variability levels during the cold late 19th century."

What it means
Hiebl and Hofstatter conclude that concerns about "an increasing number and strength of temperature extremes in terms of deviations from the mean state in the past decades cannot be maintained," according to their study; and, therefore, they state that related "exaggerated statements seem irresponsible." 

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