Will the alarmist hoaxers win?

Will the hoaxers win? Heaven help us and our children and grandchildren if they do!

  • NCTCS bloggers are constantly amazed, after all the evidence, that there is still belief in the falsified hypothesis of man-made global warming.
  • Definitely, it has been falsified - link  and link and link  etc etc etc
  • Each week there are papers showing errors in the IPCC/Climategate CRU's pronouncements: eg link and link and link.....etc etc etc...
  • We have heard that CRU head Phil Jones has admitted that there is nothing unusual about the late 20th century warming.
  • We have learned that the Chief Alarmists CRU have tried to hide the decline.
  • We have seen the MBH98 Hockey Stick Graph disgraced.
  • We have seen  a British High Court Judge rule  that the SciFi movie of Al Gore's (An Inconvenient Truth)  had scientific errors.
However, my dear friend Tom Harris has written a recent piece that bursts my hope bubble (and Tom's opinion over-rides mine!)

Tom's piece is titled:  (link)

If you thought the climate scare was winding down, think again

and begins..

Optimists assert that climate realism, the understanding that climate changes naturally all the time with little influence from humanity, is finally winning out over alarmism. Science and economics, they say, will win the war in realism’s favour. Some commentators even assert that the global warming scare is effectively over—we have won the science debate and the whole edifice will soon collapse.
That is dangerously naïve.
Tom, I would hope, (but I have been hoping for years) that the world would wake to the falsified Global warming hoax.

However, reality makes me believe that your opinion is closer to the truth than my dream.

Read Tom's excellent, (but depressing to a realist) article here (Link.)