Real Science vs Pseudo-Science

Correlation? (Image -TBWCGW)
A new full length feature film full of science facts to oppose science fiction films such as Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth which was full of inconvenient lies (back-up link here and here)

Some extracts from "The Boy who cried Global Warming":

If we say that both warming and cooling and snow storms and lack of snow storms and losts of hurricanes and no hurricanes are all caused by global warming – nothing is testable; it’s like Marxism. It’s a pseudo science – not a real science.

We have the alarmists acting as if they are the accepted science and define those of us who are skeptical as deniers….and we’re supposed to prove that a non accepted scientific position Anthropogenic global warming is the accepted truth and it’s not.

Voice-over: The Global warming hypothesis needs more observation.

Voice-over: The polar bear represents the canary in the coal mine. By studying the population that world should be able to see a decrease in bear numbers….If the example of the polar bear has been misrepresented, what other claims are inaccurate?

Well, in the IPCC there is a consensus that’s pre-ordained because of the selection of people that are on the commission....

The Boy Who Cried Warming (Documentary) from Pete Garcia II on Vimeo.