Liberal's Climate Policy is crap!

Greg Hunt
The Liberals seem to have done a big about-face. Liberal leader, Tony Abbott once was quoted as saying that "Climate change is crap." (link)

There is a lot of confusion about "Climate Change." As has been discussed before, the Alarmists have caused the confusion. What the Alarmists originally called Anthropogenic (or man-made) Global Warming (AGW)  when the warming slowed and stopped, morphed into "man-made climate change."

Then somehow the "man-made" descriptor disappeared and now the talk is only of climate change.

And that is the confusion.

We believe that climate changes; we believe that climate always changes so we are not climate change deniers. This has been previously discussed - Who are the deniers - HERE.

Today on Meet the Press Moderator, Journalists and guest  all talked about "climate change." I believe that they meant "anthropogenic climate change" or "man-made climate change."

Here is an extract (link)

HUGH RIMINTON: Thank you very much. Now, let’s just make one thing clear. The latest science science continues to come in on climate change how are you reading the latest climate change science.
GREG HUNT: My view and our view hasn’t changed. I believe that it is real and significant, but we have to be cautious not to attribute every event as some do. It's a long-term process, I believe that the science is real, the challenge is real, but we have to put it in perspective of - we take practical steps that accord with what the rest of the world is doing.

Surely when Hugh said  "climate change", he really meant "man-made climate change" and Greg, when he said "it (climate change) is real" also meant man-made climate change is real.

See the confusion?

Another Short Extract (slightly edited)

GREG HUNT: For more than 20 years I have said, and I continue to believe, that climate change is real......

HUGH RIMINTON: Is it confusing.....
Greg Hunt's remarks follow on from his recent declaration of support for the Kyoto 2 protocol. (link)
THE Coalition has declared its support for Australia's involvement in a second round of the Kyoto protocol climate pact - a pledge that goes even further than the Gillard government's present stance.
Despite past resistance to Kyoto under John Howard, the Coalition's climate action spokesman, Greg Hunt, has given ''in principle support'' to Australia's involvement in a second round of the Kyoto deal, after the first round expires in December.
It is a little hard to know if Mr Abbott still believes that man-made global warming is a hoax and is pandering to warmist elements in his party or has he has turned his back on the true science of climate change, not the pseudo-science of the ClimateGate CRU.

The NO CARBON TAX Climate Sceptics party have not been taken in by the falsified hypothesis of man-made global warming.



  1. Greg Hunt knows perfectly well that he is wrong.
    How can that be true?
    Because on 27th April 2011 he was presented with verifiable evidence (devoid of "belief" statements) proving that Climate Science has been systematically corrupted.
    He undertook to personally check the data presented to him. Five times he has been asked to identify anything presented to him that is incorrect. Five times he has failed to do so.
    I hereby request anyone given the opportunity to discuss climate change or science with Greg Hunt to immediately stop him in his tracks whenever he utters the word "Belief" or any of its derivatives.
    Then ask him him politely to use the following words in place of his "Belief" statement:

    "On the basis of the data-driven evidence that I, Greg Hunt, have personally checked ..."

    Maybe this will stop Hunt from giving comfort to the Green-Labor Alliance on this issue - the one on which the next Federal Election will be a referendum.


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