Arctic Ice-free and the WWF - Updated

Scores of Students on Ice participants and educators
remain stranded in Iqaluit Aug. 3, unable to use
zodiac boats to get to their vessel, the Academic Ioffe,
which was anchored just off Iqaluit.
If ice conditions don't change over the next 24 hours,
the expedition may have to be cancelled.

Students on Ice voyage threatened with cancellation

The 75 students waiting to go on the Students on Ice 12-day expedition to Greenland were getting anxious Aug.3, as ice in Frobisher Bay still prevented them from boarding their vessel, the Akademik Ioffe.

If the ice clogging Iqaluit’s harbour doesn’t clear in 24 hours, as of Aug. 4, the trip may be cancelled, expedition leader Geoff Green said.
“Our window to get to Greenland is closing,” Green said.

Originally set to depart Iqaluit Aug. 1, the team has been waiting at Arctic College’s old Ukkivik residence for winds to turn.
This delayed departure should be an early lesson for these students, however it looks like they are slow learners. Expedition leader Geoff Green:
“It’s ironic, because globally the sea ice is diminishing. We seem to have what’s left of it in Iqaluit and Frobisher Bay."
In July, this blog reported  that two supply ships were stuck in the mouth of Frobisher Bay because of "brutal sea ice conditions."  (link)

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Steve Goddard writes:     

Party Is Over In The Arctic 

The North Pole is freezing up for the winter. 

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Carolyn Dawe, Youth Engagement Officer, WWF-Canada   writes (link)

I am lucky enough to be representing WWF on the expedition, along with 3 incredible young women that WWF is sponsoring from Nunuvut, Greenland, and the Northwest Territories. Hailing from Vancouver, and having never ventured north of Edmonton (and in the summer at that), I really can’t begin to know what the real Arctic is going to be like. The only certainty I have is that over the next 2 weeks the Arctic is going to develop new meaning to me. It is going to change from something in my mind, to something that I will live and breathe. It will change to be the place that I saw that animal, where I met those people, and where I ventured into that community. It is going to change my life in a new and unexpected way.

Hopefully, the "three incredible young women" from Greenland are more aware than most at the WWF that Greenland, with it's current temperature is not melting and causing sea level rises.

Carolyn says that she "really can’t begin to know what the real Arctic is going to be like." Having probably been spoon-fed the WWF's bullshit, if she looks at the Arctic with an open mind, she will be amazed to find that she has been bamboozled.

For instance, the WWF's page called

The Arctic

tells us that:

Warming in the Arctic is expected to be two or three times greater than the rest of the world. Even a slight shift in temperature could potentially result in an ice-free Arctic within this century..

Skate (SSN-578), surfaced at the North Pole, 17 March 1959.
Image from NAVSOURCE
To back up (or maybe because of) the WWF,  The UK Guardian recently reported that:

Arctic may be ice-free within 30 years

they might have mis-interpreted NASA's top scientist who predicted ice-free Arctic for 2012.

2012?                 or 2012 + 30 = 2042?

SO, if the Guardian is now saying that the Arctic should be ice-free in 30 years, what was it saying in 2008?

Words of warming

Tim Flannery (who wrote the flawed tome The Weather Makers) wrote for the Guardian in 2008:

The sea ice that covers the Arctic Ocean has glistened brightly into space for at least 3 million years.....yet by June 2008 signs of a great melt were emerging and a senior adviser to the Norwegian government was warning that this may be the Arctic's first ice-free year.

Well, Mr Flannery  (or the Norwegian Government) was wrong about 2008 being the "Arctic's first ice-free year."  The ice remained in 2008. But had there previously been an ice free Arctic?

There are reports that, in 1200AD (or 1434AD), a Chinese fleet sailed over the Ice-free North Pole. 

There is also well documented evidence (see pic above) that the USS Skate surfaced at the North Pole on 17th March 1959.  (Link)

So much for the Alarmists' First Ice Free Arctic!

Cannot wait to see if some truth emerges from Ms Dawe's Arctic Adventure or if the wool still stays over her eyes.

h/t WGP (Arctic Ice expert - whose comments kept appearing under news article that I referenced.)



  1. "Q: Why are they staying so close to land? Can’t they just row straight across to Russia?

    A: Google Maps is causing a lot of confusion for us here. People see a map clear of ice, and presume we can row the open ocean. Fact is, Anchorage ice service and Canada ice service both tell us that pack ice is currently 30 miles off shore. We navigated the perimeter of that flow once when it came close to shore, and it was harrowing [we'll show the video they took when they land]. It took discipline to row against the wind direction to get out before we got crushed. We came close to shore in Barrow and holed up here to avoid ice that just receded yesterday. Now the gale force wind won’t let us leave. Bottom line: we’re more comfortable in the open ocean, but it’s frozen 30-50 miles from shore so all boats are where we are (except the nuclear coast guard cutter Healy)."

  2. Nice article posted here regarding Arctic situation. I like to read it and get great knowledge. thanks for sharing this here with us.


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