Wednesday, 8 August 2012

In Defence of Freedom of Speech

Tony Abbott addressing the IPA.
(In Defence of Freedom of Speech From Ancient Greece to Andrew Bolt is a book written by the IPA's Chris Berg.)

Tony Abbott addressed the Institute of Public Affairs on Monday (6/8/12).

This blog has previously noted that the push,  mainly by the Greens but also by the Gillard Government, and as promoted by the Finkelstein statement (link pdf) has similarities to the gagging of the media by the soviet communists.

See : 
  • Finkelstein, AGW and the Coalition (link
  • Finkelstein and Dick Smith (Link)
  • Free Speech (link)  
  • Acting Like a Dick (link.)

Unfortunately, the looney left agree with their antecedents.

As Ben Packham wrote in the Australian (link):
As Labor considers the recommendations of the Finkelstein inquiry, Mr Abbott said its recommended all-media watchdog would become an instrument of journalistic suppression.
"Especially in the hands of the current government, any new watchdog could become a political correctness enforcement agency destined to suppress inconvenient truths and to hound from the media people whose opinions might rattle Phillip Adams' listeners," he said.
Respected veteran Journalist Paul Kelly, writing for the Australian, thinks that Tony Abbot should "seize free speech as an election issue."
TONY Abbott has been gifted a new election issue that he should seize: a Labor Party ready to restrict political debate and valid expressions of view by the Australian people.
Labor's response to the Andrew Bolt case has been a wall of silence.
There is no doubt, however, this is a Labor law and the judge's decision that further represses political debate is seen as a Labor value.
Abbott and Brandis at the IPA Freedom of Speech Meeting.
George Brandis who has Bachelors degrees in Law and Arts (Politics), both with first class honours, is quoted by The Australian as saying:
"If I was to become attorney-general in an Abbott government I would make defence of freedom of speech one of my most important priorities."

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