How Dangerous is Bull Dust?

US graph. Particles originate from a variety of mobile
and stationary sources (diesel trucks, woodstoves,
power plants, etc.)                               Source EPA.
Recently Karl Kruszelnicki issued a paper titled “How Dangerous is Rubber Dust” (Link)
Each time a tyre rotates, it loses a layer of rubber about a billionth of a metre thick. If you do some numbers, this works out to about four million million million carbon atoms lost with each rotation.
A busy road with 25,000 vehicles travelling on it each day will generate around nine kilograms of tyre dust per kilometre.
But there's another dark side to rubber dust — particles. The organic and inorganic chemicals are carried as, or on, particles. In general, the smaller the particles, the more deeply they can penetrate into your lungs. PM10 stands for particulate matter that is smaller than 10 microns in size.
Gordon Alderson, whose motto is

"Removing bricks, one by one, from the Climate Science Wall of Misinformation

has  written a commentary on Dr Karl's paper:-

Karl S. Kruszelnicki’s “How Dangerous is Rubber Dust” paper highlights a magnificent new political opportunity.
Margaret Thatcher’s speech to The Royal Society on 27 September 1988 is an object lesson in how to raise fear of a yet-to-be-proved scientific hypothesis and, perforce of oratory skill, convert that to an international cause celebre.
Politicians relish unproven fear because it attracts votes and that delivers power. The 4-stage process is: exaggerate the fear, promise to save voters from the fear, they vote for you in gratification, you gain power.
We can predict a grave speech on “the new greatest moral issue of our time” an election promise that “there will be no tyre wear tax under a government I lead” passing of a “Tyre Wear Tax”, massive grants for scientific research into tyre wear, establishment of the Kruszelnicki Tyre Wear Research Unit, peer reviewed papers on Cancer from Car-tyres (written and only reviewed by those involved in the cabal), serious calls for a return to horse-drawn carriages on steel rimmed wheels and a new IPCC (Inter-governmental Panel on Cancer from Car-tyres) whose purpose is to perpetuate the fear.
The originator / deliverer of the tyre wear strategy will be rewarded by recognition for their international leadership into (CC) Cancer from Car-tyres and residency at the Lodge. Why?  Because we are so grateful for being saved from the scourge of PM10 carbon dust emitted from the highways and byways of Australia.
The trick is to exit politics before ethical scientists discover that you conned the voters.

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