Monday, 2 July 2012

Julia and Wayne Lied.

Before the last election, Prime Minister Julia Gillard said: "There will be no carbon tax..." and Wayne Swan describe it a hysterical.

PM on Insiders
On day 1 of the tax, Prime Minister, for the first time in a long time, went on the ABC's Insiders program to push pro-tax proaganda.

BARRIE CASSIDY: That language that he (Opposition leader Abbott) uses though, and he does call you a liar often, after a while you think it has to hurt politically, if not personally?
JULIA GILLARD: Well, I've explained the circumstances of the last election campaign, and when I said those words about a carbon tax I meant every one. But our nation's been involved in a debate now for many long years about putting a price on carbon and tackling climate change and we have got this done. Yes, with a fixed price, a carbon tax, if you like, for the first three years and then an emissions trading scheme to follow.
Treasurer Wayne Swan said "today is the day that Tony Abbott is going to get mugged by the truth".
That's hysterical coming from you, Mr Swan.

Well, both the PM and deputy PM lied to retain power. They are meant to represent the people.
There were rallies around Australia on day 1 of the tax. In Sydney, thousand marched through the streets from the north of Hyde Park to Belmore Park near Central Rail.

As far back as the eye can see.......

into Hay street and into Belmore Park, the thousands marched.

 There were many worthwhile speakers; Malcolm Roberts, John Macrae, Craig Kelly (Lib), and Scientist David Archibald - Bronwyn Bishop’s speech made it eminently clear that the Liberals were about getting rid of the carbon tax and no more. Tony Abbot's opposition to the tax has raised his numbers way above Malcolm Turnbull's.  However he still talks of reducing CO2 emissions and Renewable Energy Targets.

Malcolm Roberts gave an interesting presentation:

Malcolm's CO2 yellow strip.

 demonstrating the small amount of atmospheric CO2 with a yellow strip twice as long as the stage.

Dr Jennifer Marohasy writes:
It’s a strange business this preoccupation with climate change and desire to save the planet by way of a carbon tax. Carbon is the chemical element with symbol C and atomic number 6. Carbon is known to form almost ten million different compounds including the hardest naturally occurring substance the diamond. But more than this, carbon compounds form the basis of all known life on Earth. Carbon should not be equated with pollution – and neither should carbon dioxide that is the stuff trees breathe in.
If the Treasurer, Wayne Swan, was really serious about us all reducing energy consumption he would surely provide no compensation for the increased costs associated with the tax. He would simply insist ordinary Australians pay more so they consume less.

If I wanted Australia to fail -

“If I wanted Australia to fail, to follow not lead, to suffer not prosper, to despair not dream, I’d start with energy.  I’d cut off Australia’s supply of cheap, abundant energy.  I couldn’t take it by force.  So I’d make Australians feel guilty about using the energy that heats their homes, fuels their cars, runs their businesses and powers their economy.  I’d make cheap energy expensive.  So that expensive energy would seem cheap.”


  1. Bill Koutalianos3 July 2012 at 01:19

    Ms Bishop's speech at the rally was well received, which perhaps encouraged her to compromise her credibility by blaming Gillard for renewables pushing up power prices and living costs. I thought this was somewhat hypocritical given that Mr Abbott had just days earlier reconfirmed his support for the bipartisan 2009 Renewable Energy Target legislation.
    In a similar vein, Greg Combet on Q&A this evening arguing the case for the $23/tonne carbon tax, compared it to the NSW Labor solar PV experiment which cost consumers $400/tonne, for CO2 emissions averted. Yet when it came to explaining the 55% rise in NSW power prices over recent years, Combet, not to be outdone in the hypocrisy stakes, switched tack to blaming "poles and wires" instead of solar PV and wind.
    It's not just the politicians doing it. After listening to two radio interviews of an IPART representative in the last few days, deflecting attention from the exorbitant price effects of renewables, seems to be institutionalised.

  2. The Alp Communist Union Party, card-carrying card waving, flag flying, runs by Comrade GILLARD fully paid up, is the target liken to a red flag to a bull.

    70% of collected revenue props up, GILLARD & SWAN Mp, Bureaucrats, Public Servants, who spent all day falling all over each other, @ $132,481,000,000 Billion Dollars. Per year...


    .... All other functions, other purposes, general public services" GILLARD & SWAN trying to hide the staggering cost of government!

    The highest unemployment @5.7 % national average, which is a lie, Because the Bureau of Stats, use a formula, that suits the government, 1) even if you work 1 hour a week you get taken off the official stats. More like 11%.

    I don't know Steven (Courier Mail), how the media allows them to falsely claim @ 5% figure. Constantly.

    Highest crime

    Highest food prices

    Highest petrol prices

    Highest rent prices, per population, per the world

    Highest Costing Governments in the world, even the universe, per population

    Highest Corrupt Politicians in the western world per population.

    Lowest house approvals.

    You could never miss JULIA GILLARD, and WAYNE SWAN, their got targets painted on their fore heads a mile long!

    Surprised not, Wayne Swan, wet behind the ears, never ran a business, never had a real job, never paid anyone a pay cheque, a institutionalised Public Servant, a fully paid up goose stepping, card waving, card carrying, flag flying, ALP Communist Union Party Member, WHO'S BOOK KEEPING (Swan) MORE DODGY THEN A NIGERIAN PONZY SCHEME

  3. The Libs must be secretly delighted with Labor's determination to keep us focused on this disastrous Carbon Tax - especially in marginal seats. The more that Labor pollies talk about it and the longer it takes before we eventually get to the polls the longer that Labor will be in deep political oblivion.
    Evidence of corruption of climate science was presented face to face, in hard copy and electronically to Greg Hunt in April 2011. He received it enthusiastically. Since then he has been asked five times to identify any errors in the evidence of corruption. Five times he has failed to do so.
    The only way for Labor toe be re-elected is for Gillard (or a replacement Prime Minister) to come clean about corruption of climate science and rescind the carbon tax. The PM needs to do that before Abbott does it and rescinds Liberals equally flawed Direct Action policy and commitment to the 20/20 RET (Renewable Energy Target) in lock step with Labor.
    Come on Tony - you can do it. Have some guts man. Aussies will flock to your side in the election if you tell the truth and stare down Turnbull's hidden agenda for his mates at Goldman Sachs.


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