Green Ideological Disaster

Image: The Age.
From an article by Sam Fielding in American Thinker.

Australia's Green Ideological Disaster

Australia is providing a case study in the self-destructive politics of green ideology, when believers of the religion of global warming gain political leverage.

Mr Fielding describes the "responsible economic management" of the Howard government  and the change to "worst prime minister in Australia's history, Kevin Rudd," and the subsequent transfer of power by a hung parliament to "there will be no carbon tax under the government I lead" Julia Gillard.
Despite her declaration to the contrary, Gillard was now over a (green) barrel and was forced to renege on her commitment not to introduce a carbon tax in order to honor her agreement with the Greens, whose agenda not surprisingly included a carbon tax.
It's taken Gillard two years to implement the controversial tax, during which time she has been irreverently referred to as "Ju-liar."
The tax came into effect at the start of the 2013 financial year, yet after only a few weeks, the vociferous reaction from the Australian public can't be ignored.  They are smarting not only from a new controversial tax, but also from a prime minister who expressly said she would not implement it.  The foundation of the Labor Party, working-class families, are feverishly adjusting their weekly grocery budgets to account for a policy that many would have never thought possible.  Long-term voters of the left are shell-shocked, feeling cheated and abandoned.
Far from serving the working class, a carbon tax is the Trojan Horse of what many view as eco-terrorist environmentalism designed at saving trees -- or worse, generating a warm fuzzy feeling inside -- rather than jobs and a sustainable future.
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