Carbon dioxide tax, Direct Action or Neither?

OurSay (LINK) has organised a forum with Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
On July 21st, Deakin University, Google+, Fairfax and OurSay are hosting an Australian first: Prime Minister Julia Gillard will answer your questions in a “Google Hangout”, an internationally live web broadcast.
Want to be a part of it? Post your question for the Prime Minister on and vote for your favourite questions too.
To date, the Winning question, with 5753 (2nd has 3316 @8am) votes is from user picture Mark Everingham ·
By how much, measured in thousandths of degrees Celsius, will the Earth's temperature be reduced through the carbon tax?
An Interesting comment to the question:
Tony Abbott and his Coalition colleagues are lying to us now if they fail to point out that their Direct Action Plan effectively taxes us and transfers our taxes to businesses that should clean up their own mess.
I predict that either the team will somehow disappear that question or she will give a non-answer like: "Oh, ha-ha-ha. my answer to the question is already on record.."

In other words, a non-answer to dodge the question.

The NO CARBON TAX Climate Sceptics (NCTCS) party warns that, if you vote for either the Coalition or the Green Gillard Government, you will be lumbered with unnecessary taxes and imposts.

NCTCS is the only  stand alone party that will vote against Direct Action, Renewable Energy Targets, Carbon Dioxide taxes and Emissions Trading Schemes.

Won't you join us standing against the falsified hypothesis of man made global warming (AGW)?


  1. Bill Koutalianos12 July 2012 at 23:56

    About 85% of Australians thought they were voting for "no carbon tax" at the last federal election. It is a sad twist of fate that based on current polling, more than 95% of Australians are inadvertently going to vote in some sort of carbon control/pricing regime at the next federal election. The joke will be on us. Whilst the "carbon tax" and Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) are the immediate enemy, it is "Direct action" which will become the mandated Trojan horse, complete with provisions for an ETS. Do not give them the mandate, vote for NCTCS, where possible. Where not possible, as in most House of Representatives seats, vote for a minor party which opposes climate lies and the ETS.

  2. "YOU CANT FLOG A DEAD HORSE" for ever"

    What's all the fuss about? The Liberal & Labor System, like many out dated services or old pieces of equipment, dramatically are coming to an end.

    Don't forget we the public have given the system and both Liberal and Labor a good go at it.

    Don't forget it's 2012 not 1970 ,Julia Gillard, Wayne Swan, you may be caught in some 70's time warp!!!

    Don't forget for over fifty years we the public have put up with the political abuse, from Liberal, back to Labor then in 2013 back to Liberal under Tony Abbott also to be found out full of shit.

    Nothing wrong with admitting Tony & Julia, the Liberal & Labor story has an epilogue.

    To conclude you can't flog a dead horse, forever, someone or many (public) will eventually turn on you!

    Tony Abott looks fit and healthy in opposition, lets see in 6 months if ,he becomes the Australian's Nations Leader!

  3. Please support this question to the PM on 21 July (currently #2)
    We all deserve an answer.
    Thank for your support

  4. Liberal Senator George Brandis says that the election will be “a referendum on the carbon tax and it'll be a referendum on prime ministers who tell lies to get themselves re-elected.”
    Policies based on lies are lies. Climate science is corrupt.
    So Direct Action and commitment to the RET is corrupt. AND THE LIBERAL PARTY KNOWS IT IS CORRUPT.
    Unless Peta Credlin, Abbott's Chief of Staff, gives Tony Abbott her permission to tell the truth about corrupt Climate Science he will take the Liberal Party and her down to oblivion just as Julia Gillard is about to do to Labor.
    Credlin is the real power behind Abbott. Everyone in Canberra is too scared to stand up to her.
    Since she calls the shots it's time for her to accept the truth about corruption of climate science before her control freak nature destroys the Libs.


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