Thursday, 17 May 2012

Finger in the crumbling Dike of the AGW Hoax

Is that James Hansen? Or perhaps Tim Flannery?
Is that James Hansen with his finger in the crumbling dike of the AGW hoax? A new Dutch paper, published in the journal Weather indicates that the sun is responsible for the late twenty century warming. (It's the Sun, Stupid!)

As reported by The Hockey Shtick, this new paper shows that the Sun dwarfs the alleged effect of CO2.
A paper recently published in the journal Weather finds that global summer average sunshine [solar short-wave radiation that reaches Earth's surface] dimmed during the period 1958-1983 [prompting an ice age scare], but markedly increased from 1985-2010. The increase in summer average sunshine between those two periods is 6 Watts per square meter, which dwarfs the alleged effects of CO2 by more than 5 times. [Alleged CO2 effect from 1958-2010 was calculated using the IPCC formula 5.35*ln(389.78/315) = 1.14 Watts per square meter]. At one measurement site [De Bilt], summer sunshine increased from 1985-2010 by 15 Watts per square meter, more than 23 times the IPCC alleged forcing from CO2 during the same timeframe [5.35*ln(389.78/346.04) = 0.64 Watts per square meter].

How much longer can the crumbling edifice of the AGW hoax stand up?

Correspondence to: A. J. van Beelen
© Royal Meteorological Society, 2012 DOI: 10.1002/wea.854

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