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Our ABC: the Green Narrative

Not Misanthropy, something worse, now appearing at our ABC: the Green Narrative.
by NCTCS Secretary Anthony Cox
I recently wrote this article about the misanthropic aspects of the pro man-made global warming [AGW] believers;

When writing this article I described two possible reasons for the hatred of humans by those arguing for the validity of AGW; the first was an adulation of nature, or Gaia, itself; and secondly, a desire to punish those humans who are perceived not to share this desire to worship and revere Gaia. A prominent feature of this misanthropy was the use and depiction of children in danger, suffering and dying because of humanity’s disruption of Gaia through AGW.

It is now plain that there is a 3rd reason for this misanthropy; this aspect is regularly depicted at the ABC in response to any article about AGW. Quite simply this view sees humanity as a disease or blight on the Earth and strongly wants the eradication of humanity from Earth to solve the ‘problem’.

Some examples of this viewpoint are shown in the following comments from various threads at the ABC:

  • The nose :
05 Apr 2012 11:00:28am
The human race behaves like a parasite on the earth, but in the end the earth will win.
After we are long gone it will correct itself and revert back to its pristine state.
The humane race lived in harmony with the environment, for thousands of years, like a benign cancer, but over the last few centuries we have mutated into a full blown aggressive cancer gobbling up the earths resources at an ever increasing rate and causing massive degradation to the environment.
Like a cancer we don't care, and we will fight anything that impedes our progress.


Good Riddance :

05 Apr 2012 11:25:32am
What with this kind of apathy
"As a person who has a passing interest in it"

combined with denier ignorance the earth is doomed.

(At least the cancerous human race is).A pity there will be other species negatively impacted.

§  agnes :

05 Apr 2012 11:47:56am
Holy hole-in-the-ozone-layer-Batman! I didn't realise I had posted my thoughts already and called myself 'Good Riddance'!

Seriously, though -I couldn't agree with you more GR. And the sooner the human race departs this poor planet for good, the better off it and all non-human inhabitants will be.

·       The Planet :

25 Feb 2011 3:23:15pm
Dear Population,

The quicker that you hasten your demise, the better off I'll be.

Love, The Earth

§  gorlassar :

27 Feb 2011 8:45:30am
Hear hear.

Can't happen fast enough for this little black duck.

There's a lot of solace in knowing the Earth still has more years ahead of it than behind. Plenty of time for evolution to re-work its wonders - without humans around to muck the whole thing up again. (Just hope all the chimps get wiped out, too - they're no better than us)

·       karma101 :

30 Mar 2011 10:19:42am
Nothing wrong with that, its just another lesson in karma 101. Man is to earth as cancer is to man. I hope this brings new context to Michael Jackson's Eat It.

§  Mulga Mumblebrain :

22 Dec 2010 5:16:12pm
There are other sapient species, such as the cetaceans, but they have clearly evolved beyond the bloodthirsty, paranoid, aggressive stage in which we are mired. It's a pity but we have almost certainly condemned these creatures to extinction, through hunting and ecosystem collapse, along with ourselves. Just how great the mass extinction we are bringing about will be remains to be seen, but it will set life on this planet back millions of years. The one positive is that we, who have proved ourselves 'mad, bad and dangerous to know', will at least not have escaped into the cosmos to spread death and destruction to other worlds.

However, the ABC has also published this piece, from a teacher, who does sum up my point:

Today, the Green narrative incorporates no such faith, but rather a belief that humanity is blight upon the Earth. This is manifest in a palpable horror at the size of the world; a disgust at its incomprehensible billions; a disdain for the unfathomable numbers who hope to share our prosperity. It is a distinctly anti-human narrative, which buries the idea that humankind is a reservoir of possibilities.

This is completely true, some hyperbole aside; what a pity the author, Brigitte Dwyer, also saw fit to observe this:

The natural reaction, when faced with humankind's insignificant, short-lived and futile life on this miniscule planet,

Hardly a positive message for the kids Brigitte! But Brigitte is right about the “Green narrative”. This “Green narrative” viewpoint is sick, a pathology; the desire by AGW believers to see humanity end, apart, presumably, from themselves, is both a manifestation of some personal aberration and the logical conclusion of the AGW ideology. The reasoning [sic] is straightforward: the planet is dying, humans are causing it; the planet is more important than humans, therefore humans have to go.

The frequency with which this viewpoint appears at the ABC is a concern. As is the fact that it appears to be unchallenged. At best the ABC is a passive vehicle which is allowing these vile comments and attitudes to be manifested. Censorship is not the solution as I have argued in respect of the Finkelstein report on the media:

And at the ABC:

The answer is to be transparent and to highlight the insidious quality of the people who are advocating this anti-human opinion; and the fact that it appears to be such a prominent part of the pro-AGW belief.

Maybe the ABC will pick this article up!

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