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Liar, Liar......

Previously TCS blog has posted a "Pants on Fire" picture on the post by Carbon Senses' Viv Forbes titled Five Big Carbon Lies.

The great cartoonist Josh has depicted one of the biggest liars, a liar who has perverted science and helped to spread the man-made carbon dioxide emissions hoax, much like his own polluting tail wind.

Sunday, 29 April 2012


By Dr Vincent Gray  Expert IPCC Reviewer

APRIL 29th 2012


One of my favourite predictions of the future is the following:

A democracy cannot survive as a permanent form of government. It can last only until its citizens discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority (who vote) will vote for those candidates promising the greatest benefits from the public purse, with the result that a democracy will always collapse from loose fiscal policies, always followed by a dictatorship.
The average age of the world's greatest democratic nations has been 200 years.
Each has been through the following sequence: 

From bondage to spiritual faith.
From faith to great courage.
From courage to liberty.
From liberty to abundance.
From abundance to complacency.
From complacency to selfishness.
From selfishness to apathy.
From apathy to dependency.
And from dependency back again into bondage.

Can we escape from this fate?

This is from a letter to an American friend by Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay in 1857.

He could not have known it but a closely similar sequence followed in continental Europe immediately after the "selfishness" which led to the First World War and led to the collapse of European economies. The dictatorship that emerged in Italy was called "Fascism. and this name can be applied to the others. But in Germany it may be "Nazism" and in Russia "Stalinism" which is their local form of Communism.

The sequence described by Macaulay has re-emerged and the last stages are taking pace before our eyes. Western Powers are failing under a load of debt, compounded of abandonment of economic progress for enrichment of the economy while the upper classes become richer. The emerging dictatorship is now to be applied on a global scale and much of the beginnings of the programme have already been applied. Many of us already have to promote  "conservation", "sustainability",  "biodiversity", and we reduce "emissions", promote windmills, solar panels, bicycle transport and saving "endangered species".  So-called "climate science" dominates our academic research budgets.

Democracy has been destroyed by takeover of the media, by advertisers and public relations "consultants" and "lobbyists", by making elections increasingly expensive to enter and distorting the rules so that they are a contest between individuals and not between policies.

The next stages are now emerging.

The British Royal Society has provided their programme here..

They place particular emphasis on the  increasing world population. They admit the fact that in western countries the population is falling and most of the increase comes from Africa and parts of India, so reduction is a matter of promoting contraception and empowering women in undeveloped countries, which they do actually recommend.

However, their "attack on poverty" does not include reducing the scandalous income disparity in western countries which currently cause poverty in these countries.  They concentrate on poverty in developing countries where they make some useful suggestions, but do not change the current trend which changes people into permanent social welfare beneficiaries and does nothing to provide jobs for the children that have been "saved" when  they mature.

They peddle the  myth that the ocean is being acidified. The oceans are firmly alkaline and are certain to remain so. Parts of the ocean actually emit carbon dioxide and so are already saturated and it does not seem to harm any ocean organisms. Slight expansion of these regions and evolution would cope with any increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide.

They go on about water supply, but do not understand that it is a matter of effective redistribution of the excess water which arrives somewhere every day from the heavens.

Their only interest in energy is in cutting carbon emissions or capturing them. No mention of frakking or the desirability of nuclear power. They want lots of biofuels and admit they put  up the price of food, but hope they will be grown on marginal land.

All this is comparatively mild compared with the guru recently interviewed by Kim Hill and appearing in the Auckland Writers and readers week, Chanran Nair, who has written a book called "Consumptionomics" and has a website Here.

Consumptionomics argues that the blinkered conventional view needs to be replaced by a more rational approach to such challenges. If Asians were to achieve consumption levels taken for granted in the West the results would be environmentally catastrophic across the globe. Needless to say, it would also have significant geopolitical impacts as nations scramble for diminishing resources. Asian governments and leaders find themselves with a dilemma. The solutions will entail making sensitive political choices and adopting certain forms of government to effect a fundamental change of direction. If Asia is willing to take on this responsibility it will help to save the planet whilst reshaping capitalism.

He purports to be an economist, and he insists we must all follow his orders. They include huge prices for his idea of environmental restoration particularly the hidden cost of roads. He would drastically ration the permission to  possess a car, presumably confined to the rich and beautiful..

The Internet commentators love this book which can be obtained on Kindle for $10.  It is approved by the Lee Kuan Yew Foundation and there are already the beginnings of political movements ready to impose these restrictions on us all in Europe and in the US. Singapore, Russia  China and India are being pressurized to adopt its precepts, which could well be adopted by the United Nations in response to the insoluble debt problems of Western countries and the supposed pressure on "resources from the economic revival of Asia, South America  and Africa.
So Macaulay is once more vindicated. His last plea "Can We Escape" must exercise all those of us who really care for freedom, democracy, and honest science.

Vincent Gray
Wellington 6035

"To kill an error is as good a service as, and sometimes better than, the establishing of a new truth or fact" ~ Charles Darwin

Craig Thomson to move to the cross benches - the stench remains.

Craig Thomson at work.
Had a late night on the job, Craig?

80% of the people think that  the stench will remain for Labor as Thomson moves to the cross-benches, whilst 90% of the people are calling for a new election. See polls below.) Meanwhile Michelle Grattan says that JULIA Gillard should consider falling on her sword for the good of the Labor Party.

Sky News reports:

Craig Thomson to quit Labor.

Sky News sources report that embattled MP Craig Thomson will today announce he's quitting Labor and will sit on the cross bench as an independent in parliament.
Mr Thomson will hold a news conference announce the move outside his electorate office in Tuggerah on the NSW central coast at midday (AEST).


If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, but only as far as the walk-in pantry, where you can still yell out your vote into the kitchen.

ABC News 24


Should Julia call an Election?


James Delingpole and The Precautionary Principle

James Delingpole talks heatedly with Jon Faine about pollution, carbon dioxide and The Precautionary Principle.

"It’s about cost/benefit analysis, isn’t it….what if carbon dioxide is warming the planet at a catastrophic level….what if there are alien species out there hell-bent on destroying our planet…maybe we should spend billions of dollars building giant alien killers on every hillside...."
See also Physicist Dr Gordon Fulks' view of "The precautionary principle."

In this feisty interview he (Delingpole) takes on Jon Faine's ridiculous claims that the planet will die unless we do as the environmentalists say. James Delingpole points out that allowing them to install a socialist world government that kills industry as well as our economy is not a good idea and is nothing more than a gesture.


Climate Change - What the ABC edited out

Rose and Minchin (ABC)
The curiously titled Australian ABC programme "I Can Change Your Mind About Climate" was seriously edited to skew toward the alarmist hoax on the man-made global warming debate.. They edited out the science from the sceptics' side and actually showed no science from the alarmists' side.

Even the panel discussion after the video was skewed. As the UK Telegraph reports:
Oddly, however, on the Q & A panel show that followed, in which, naturally, sceptics were outnumbered three to one, it (James Lovelock's recanting) barely rated a mention.
Here was the scientist hailed as the godfather of the modern environmental movement admitting that he had over-egged the pudding on global warming.
The doomsday merchant who wrote in 2006: "Billions of us will die and the few breeding pairs of people that survive will be in the Arctic where the climate remains tolerable" has allowed the evidence to change his mind. Hallelujah.
The Global Warming Policy Foundation also reports the omission by the MSM of a startling news story, the retreat of James Lovelock:
True to form, the overwhelming majority of press outlets failed to report the juiciest global-warming gossip of the week — a change of heart on the issue by one of the world’s most celebrated environmentalists. Also true to form, the press failed to report the most profound science story of the week — a startling theory that not only absolves humans of blame in global warming but sheds light on another taboo subject: shortcomings in Darwin’s theory of evolution.
Unlike their coverage of the political establishment or the corporate establishment, journalists will rarely be skeptical of the scientific establishment. Perhaps these ­unskeptical journalists don’t question scientists out of a belief that scientists’ pronouncements are free of the self-interest that taints politicians or corporations. Or perhaps these journalists, who are themselves rarely scientifically literate, blindly accept the views of scientific authority figures because they lack the training to assess rival views. Or perhaps these journalists fear being subjected to ridicule if they buck politically correct views. Whatever the reasons for journalistic deference to dogma in science, the victim is the information-consuming public, which at best is kept in the dark, at worst is duped.

A Poll on the ABC site that was showing 55% dismissive before the programme aired was taken down and re-started from zero after the programme. It is still showing - at the time of going to blog - 52% dismissive.

There is one question which asks:

and TCS blog answered extremely important. However, their analysis came up with:

PhDs Jo Nova and David Evans were severely edited. Both were on the alarmist side until they studied the data and realised that the sceptics were right.

On the ABC's skewing, Jo writes here:
In the interview we were on a mission to show the evidence the ABC won’t show — and of course, true to form, the ABC did exactly that, and didn’t show it. As David often points out, the mainstream media have never shown this data anywhere in the world, ever, even though it is extremely relevant, from mankind’s best and latest instruments, from impeccable sources, and is publicly available. Not to mention that billions of dollars of public policies depend on getting this right either.
David corrects the record with a series of you-tube presentations.

and the second

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Arctic Sea Ice Level - Normal; Antartica Ice Increasing

Arctic Sea Ice Extent has touched the normal (1979-2000 average) line. From Anthony Watts:
Now, it should be pointed out that it hasn’t crossed the normal line, and it only touches it because of the line width, it is still ever so slightly below normal according to Cryosphere Today.”

Antarctic Ice Area has increased by 20% since 1979. Real Science reports:

Will this cause a sea level rise?

Friday, 27 April 2012

Sea Level Rally Gosford Waterfront 27/4/12 UPDATED

Gosford Council could scrap sea level rise notifications (LINK)

GOSFORD Council is set to do a back-flip on sea level rise notifications on property documents and residents couldn’t be happier.
Councillors have called for a report on the implications of removing the contentious notifications on the S149 (5) planning document.  This follows months of community outrage in the face of escalating insurance premiums and plummeting property prices.
Coastal Residents group president Len Gibbons said members were pleased the council had taken the first step in a “more reasonable” approach to the situation. “It was good to see that all the councillors were in favour of the move,” Mr Gibbons said.
         Mr Gibbons (gray-haired) can be seen in the left of the third photo below taking a photo of Pat Aiken

Residents create tide of protest against sea level rise claims.  2 May 12 

Hundreds of Central Coast residents rallied at Gosford waterfront on Friday to protest the handling of the sea level rise issue by Gosford Council and the state government.
Organised by the Coastal Residents group, the protesters assembled at Burns Park and marched through Gosford, with brief stopovers at the offices of Robertson Federal Labor MP Deb O’Neill and Gosford Council chambers. They called on Gosford Council to remove notifications on S149/5 certificates for properties likely to be affected by sea level rise.
They also demanded the state government repeal amendments to the Coastal Protection Act. “This whole sea level rise issue is a hoax,” group secretary Pat Aiken told the crowd. “This is an overreaction to a sea level rise prediction which is not even relevant.”
Professor Robert Carter said a sea level guage at Fort Denison, which had shown a rise of only 4mm over the past 20 years, should be the guide. “The councils are taking global figures provided by the United Nations when they should be looking at the facts in their own area,” he said.
 Original Report:

A crowd of around 450. I did a head count in Mann Street as the rally moved from Gosford Railway station to Gosford Waterfront. As usual, media reports reported less.
It should be noted that data show that 
Approaching local MP Deborah O'Neill's electoral office.
Despite some urging, she did not come out to address the crowd.
Pat Aiken addresses crowd outside Gosford City Council Offices.
Despite some urging, not one councillor came out, although some peeked from upper windows.
However, Wyong councilindependants Greg Best and Doug Eaton both spoke at the rally.
Professor Bob Carter does some last minute editing of his address.
See Thank Heavens for Bob Carter.
You can't park there, Malcolm Roberts. Council and SES only

NBN Video report can be found here.

Pre-rally ad in Central Coast Express Advocate:-
Pat Aiken and Len Gibbons lead the protest against sea level rise notifications.
Pat Aiken and Len Gibbons lead the protest against sea level rise notifications.


By Vimcent Gray

APRIL 27th 2012

Sea level surprise in New Zealand

Posted on April 26, 2012 by Anthony Watts

Ian Wishart writes in Investigate Daily:

Century old map throws new doubt on climate change sea level claims

A new book on the history of New Zealand has inadvertently stirred the climate change debate by revealing a near zero sea level increase over the past century.

The book, The Great Divide, includes a 100 year old map of Cloudy Bay lagoons in New Zealand, drafted back in 1912 to show the location of 20 kilometres of canals dug with wooden spades by ancient Maori.

However, when the 1912 map is shown alongside a satellite image of the same location from Google Earth, it reveals not only the startling accuracy of the original map (drafted at a time when aerial photography did not exist) but also a stunning lack of Pacific Ocean encroachment on the narrow shoal linking the lagoons to the sea.

The shoal is comprised of rock and pebbles, making it an ideal weathervane for sea level increase as it’s less prone to erosion than shifting sands.

Even the narrowest and lowest part of the bar, marked with a black squiggle on the 1912 map, remains the same in 2012.

The Great Divide goes on sale this week, and among its revelations is confirmation that a massive comet-strike into the ocean off New Zealand’s southern coast caused a 220 metre high tsunami that may have been responsible for erasing evidence of human habitation in early New Zealand.

This information merely confirms what I showed in my Newsletter No 285  which shows that there is no change in sea level around New Zealand in recent years.

Vincent Gray
Wellington 6035

"To kill an error is as good a service as, and sometimes better than, the establishing of a new truth or fact."  ~ Charles Darwin.

Carbon Credit Forests - the CO2.con

 By Carbon Sense's Viv Forbes

28 April 2012.

A print-ready copy of this issue of "Carbon Sense" can be downloaded from:

CO2Australia boasts of planting three million carbon credit trees. This is "just the beginning" of a new bubble industry, the CO2.con.

This bubble is set to inflate rapidly. To offset just one day of Qantas operations, CO2 promoters must plant more than 200,000 trees in permanent forests covering 130 hectares. How much land is required to offset all Australian power stations, industry and transport?

Yes these trees will consume carbon dioxide. However CO2 levels today are well below what is ideal for plant growth. While they are growing strongly, these trees will suck the gas of life from the atmosphere, competing strongly with nearby crops and plant life for the traces of carbon dioxide remaining.

Then as the trees mature, growth stops. The aging forest just sits there, some trees growing, some dying and net carbon sequestration ceases. It becomes a sterile shrine to the green religion whose main impact on the biosphere is providing a haven for feral animals and noxious weeds.

Green spruikers claim that they only use land not suitable for anything else. Wrong! Every bit of Australia not covered by road, cities, parks or deserts can support crops, timber-getting or grazing animals. Carbon-credit forests gnaw away at this national land asset every year.

Moreover, CO2.con investors, like all speculators, want quick returns. Their quick return demands rapidly growing trees in arable country - deserts and salt pans are uneconomical. Thus the wheat/sheep belt is shrinking.

No one can demonstrate any climate or environmental benefit from the CO2.con.

Forcing consumers and taxpayers to fund this large scale permanent land sterilisation is clearly unsustainable. All Australians fund this destruction via increased prices for electricity, cement, steel, air tickets and rail fares, and reduced land for food production. The carbon tax will increase their burden.

Like all bubble industries, the CO2.con industry must end in tears, and the sooner it ends the better.

 Vested Interests in the Climate Debate
A personal response by Viv Forbes to several attacks in the media

It seems that whenever global warming alarmists have no supporting evidence or logic, they resort to name calling using terms such as "vested interests".

Warmists claim that earth's climate is controlled by man-made carbon dioxide, mainly from coal and oil. A huge climate industry has been constructed on this flimsy foundation. Is Australia best served if we base energy policies solely on uninformed or emotional opinions from rock stars, lawyers, economists, union leaders and the climate industry? Surely it is sensible to also listen to scientists and engineers with training and experience in the origin, history, chemistry, geology, physics, extraction, utilisation and waste products of coal and oil and the behaviour and role of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? Why is all government industry "pure" and all real industry "suspect"? There are venal people and those promoting vested interests everywhere.

Another tedious slur is that those who opposes climatism are supporters of big coal and "lobbyists are paid by multinationals to produce this stuff". In my case this is very easy to refute. Just look at what I have said and written and check that against policies supported by coal industry lobbyists such as the Queensland Resources Council (QRC).

(It can be found here:  ).

The QRC people ARE paid to promote the views of the coal industry – I am not. They promote three key policy pillars – a global agreement to ration and tax carbon, emissions permit trading, and subsidies for green power.

Never have I or the Carbon Sense Coalition ever supported any of these shaky pillars. We have repeatedly urged rejection of the Kyoto agreement; we have been consistent critics of emissions trading and the carbon tax; and we oppose money wasted in subsidising green energy toys and silly schemes like Carbon Capture and Burial.

Other superficial critics gleefully report that anything I say is merely promoting my vested interests in Stanmore Coal, a small Australian owned and managed explorer in which I hold shares. The reverse is true – Stanmore will be less harmed by the carbon tax than many other Australian businesses and may even derive some benefits. Stanmore's main asset is an open cut thermal coal deposit planning to export coal, probably to Asia for power generation. The carbon tax in Australia will fall more heavily on gassy underground coal mines and will also drive our power intensive industries overseas, probably to Asia, thus increasing Asian demand for coal from projects such as Stanmore.

Naturally the snipers never reveal my long and continuing interest and experience in pasture management, grassland conservation, sustainable soils and the carbon cycle. I do not condone pollution or environmental degradation.

Every Australian has a vested interest in the outcome of this suicidal war on carbon – some will get unearned benefits, most will be lumbered with hidden costs. So instead of smearing, name calling and name dropping, it's time for the green side to put up some relevant facts and logical arguments.

Or find a real problem to solve.

Solving Three Problems

We have three problems in Queensland, all created or made worse by the federal government.

Firstly, Canberra is about to drain our savings down the Green Hole using the Gillard carbon tax.

Secondly, the Greens want to close every coal mine, promising that non-existent Green power plants will keep the lights on.

Thirdly, orchardists and small towns are besieged by plagues of flying, squealing fruit bats which are protected by Canberra.

Here is the solution to all three problems.

Use Canberra's carbon tax receipts to build a wall of wind turbines around every orchard and town plagued by flying foxes.

Three problems solved.

We get our carbon tax money invested back into Queensland, Greens get their sacred green windmills built, and the scything blades slice up the invading foxes (humanely of course).

But be sure to stock up on candles for when the wind does not blow, and ear plugs for when it does.

Green Agenda Collapsing

The European Union’s ambitious low carbon plan collapsed yesterday when Poland vetoed plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions drastically after 2020. If the Europeans can’t agree on a climate plan, the prospect that the rest of the world can agree is less than zero. Every dime spent by climate activists on this goal was wasted. Every white paper on the subject was a folly. Every global conference was a grotesque and pointless boondoggle. Every pundit who supported this agenda was blowing smoke and every politician who endorsed it was either an idiot or a demagogue — or both.
Walter Russell Mead

Flogging a Dead Horse

Back in July 2009, when Penny Wong’s Ration and Tax Scheme was the talk of the town, “Carbon Sense” made a forecast:
“The aging galloper “Ration-N-Tax” from the Wong stable is knackered.

“Anyone with any economic or political nous knows that the carbon cap proposals are neither politically nor economically possible in Australia or the USA. No electorate in the western world will sit by to see their standard of living reduced until their carbon emissions per capita are equal to those of India or China while they transfer their businesses and technology to these growing industrial giants of Asia.

“From now on, those pushing the RAT Scheme are flogging a dead horse. Public opinion is changing swiftly and any time soon even Malcolm Turnbull will switch his bets.

“But the canny handlers anticipated this result and have another nag saddled and ready.”

Read on:

However the backers have overloaded “Carbon Tax” and he is already having trouble getting traction. Larry Pickering captured the scene on the Molonglo Training Circuit recently:
Larry Pickering

Wind power – more accurately wind impotence, since turbines operate at just 24 per cent of capacity – is the curse of Scotland. One of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe has been brutally ravaged, families have been driven into fuel poverty, pensioners have been presented with the lethal dilemma “heat or eat” – all to appease the neurotic prejudices of global warming fanatics.
Gerald Warner, Scotland on Sunday 11/3/12

Two Green Prophets Recant

Benny Peiser in Ccnet brings news of two leaders of Climatism who have suddenly recanted.

Fritz Vahrenholt was the best-known environmentalist in the German Social Democratic Party (SPD). Now, even Fritz Vahrenholt no longer believes in the predictions of global warming:

"Until two years ago," he says, "I believed the IPCC and represented its recommendations in my lectures." Doubts came to him when he was a reviewer of the IPCC report on renewable energies. "I discovered many errors and asked myself if the other IPCC reports were similarly inadequate."

At the same time, the fact that, contrary to the predictions, the average global temperature has not risen for more than a decade made him ponder. Vahrenholt wondered if man-made greenhouse gases are really the most important factor in the climate system. After talking with dozens of scientists, he considers the influence of the sun to be underestimated. Finally, Vahrenholt cast doubt that warming is fundamentally bad for people and nature.

James Lovelock, the maverick scientist who became a guru to the environmental movement with his “Gaia” theory of the Earth as a single organism, has admitted to being “alarmist” about climate change and says other environmental commentators, such as Al Gore, were too.

The Last Word

The war on carbon is moving into a new phase, getting nastier and less democratic as the alarmists get cornered.

They have lost the debate on the science of global warming, their leaders are wobbling, the weather is refusing to obey their computer models and the economic damage and dislocation caused by their massive meddling in the energy markets is becoming obvious to all. Most western governments are broke and their only real source of new funds is to claw back green energy subsidies.

But they fear retribution from an aroused electorate. Their only way to stay in power is to bribe the voters again with new handouts.

“Everything you get from the government was taken from someone else.”
 Kit Pharo

The government media apparatus and their apologists will now try to dampen debate on the carbon tax. They want the whole tax and handout apparatus to be so ingrained that the next government will be too scared to repeal it.

But it must be repealed. The whole lot.
Combine it with a few real reforms like abolition of income tax and devolution of much of the federal apparatus back to the states. It is becoming too late for tinkering, we need real reform. We have had our test of centralism and it has clearly failed. Let's try repeal and decentralisation for a change.

However the hidden agenda is in the opposite direction. They aim to take decisions out of the hands of locals, handing over more and more power to bureaucratic bodies, "independent" commissions and organs of the United Nations. Anti-industry, anti-democratic, anti-west forces are already planning this. They meet in Rio in June. Having failed in open debate they now will seek to close debate and make decisions far from our control and oversight.

The global warming gambit has failed – the new buzz word is "sustainable development". They will find this too is a weak reed – almost none of the government energy policies are sustainable, so we will be turning their own sustainability searchlight back in their faces.

According to stunning U.N. documents examined by Fox News, the upcoming United Nations environmental conference on sustainable development will consider a breath-taking array of carbon taxes, transfers of trillions of dollars from wealthy countries to poor ones, and new spending programs to guarantee that populations around the world are protected from the effects of the very programs the world organization wants to implement.

The main goal of the much-touted, Rio + 20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, scheduled to be held in Brazil from June 20-23, is to make dramatic and enormously expensive changes in the way that the world does nearly everything—or, as one of the documents puts it, "a fundamental shift in the way we think and act."


Please keep the debate alive by passing this on. We need to shine the light into all the dark corners.

Authorised by:
Viv Forbes
Rosevale    Qld    4340
Phone 0754 640 533

“Carbon Sense” is a newsletter produced by the Carbon Sense Coalition, an Australian based organisation which opposes waste of resources, opposes pollution, and promotes the rational and sustainable use of carbon energy and carbon food.

Please spread “Carbon Sense” around.

For more information visit our web site at
Literary, financial or other contributions to help our cause are welcomed.

Chairman Viv Forbes MS 23, Rosewood   Qld   4340   Australia.

Is the science settled?

After last night's programme - I Can Change Your Mind About Climate -previously discussed in these pages under the heading

Will you change your mind about Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)?

the UK Guardian published a column "TV show giving voice to climate sceptics is skewing evidence, scientists say." Are these the scientists who have been fudging the data, the scientists who are trying to hide the decline? 

The sub heading for the Guardian says "Australian documentary gives 'misleading impression that the debate on the science of climate change is not settled."'

If the science is settled, let's stop funding the alarmist scientists. 

People like the husband and wife scientists Jo Nova and David Evans are dismissed by the Guardian as "an influential climate sceptic blogger and her husband, former carbon modeller, David Evans..." Jo's influential blog can be found HERE and David Evans, to the best of my knowledge, is still climate modelling and has more degrees than I have had hot breakfasts this year.

Professor of Astrophysics at the University of NSW, Michael Ashley is quoted as saying: "People watch a programme like this and they think there's a scientific debate. It's a lose, lose situation for climate scientists." 

The trouble is all the alarmist scientists are afraid to have a debate. Last night's programme should have had a debate between the alarmist scientists and some sceptical scientists like Tim Ball, Richard Lindzen, Bob Carter, Ian Plimer.

The Guardian also mistakenly says "Australians are the biggest carbon polluters per head of population in the developed world..." Australia is not the biggest per head emitter of carbon (dioxide) and more importantly, carbon dioxide is a vital-to-life gas and is NOT pollution.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Global Warming is alive and well in Camooweal Qld Australia

Picture: Luke Marsden Source: The Courier-Mail
From the Courier-Mail:
A RECORD-breaking cold snap hit northwest Queensland yesterday, as the beef town of Camooweal in the far northwest recorded its lowest daytime temperature in 29 years.

And at Mermaid Beach yesterday Holly Thompson (pictured)  braved the chill with the help of a furry parka.
Camooweal had a top of 16C, 3.1C below its previous low of 19.1C set in 1983.
On April 4, the town had a top of 39C and its average daily maximum for April is 33.2C.
Further cold conditions are expected today as the big chill spreads from NSW border regions to the tropics.
Overnight, the mercury plummeted to 1.6 in Oakey, which was officially the coldest spot in the state. Warwick was 2.8.
It dropped into single figures in Brisbane, with the airport recording a low of 9.8C. Amberley was 4.6.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

If I wanted Australia to fail.....

A new video by Free Market America. If you change Australia for America, it equally applies to our country

I ‘d force home-owners to tear down their own homes, built on their own land…

I’d make it almost impossible for 
  • farmers to farm, 
  • miners to mine, 
  • loggers to log and 
  • builders to build…..
  • I’d devise fictitious products like carbon credits.. 

“If I wanted Australia to fail, to follow not lead, to suffer not prosper, to despair not dream, I’d start with energy.  I’d cut off Australia’s supply of cheap, abundant energy.  I couldn’t take it by force.  So I’d make Australians feel guilty about using the energy that heats their homes, fuels their cars, runs their businesses and powers their economy.  I’d make cheap energy expensive.  So that expensive energy would seem cheap.
Hat Tip to John Droz, jr.

Remember the Anzacs

Year after Year

More old men disappear


No-one will march there at all.

Lest we forget.

At the going down of the sun

and in the morning

We will remember them.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Prof. Dr. Henrik Svensmark at EIKE - Updated

Henrik Svensmark is director of the Center for Sun-Climate Research at the Danish Space Institute.

Previously TCS blog has posted Prof. Dr Svensmark and his new theory - "The Climate is a result of changes in the clouds."

In this video, Henrik Svensmark is addressing the International Energy and Climate conference (EIKE) at Munich.

H/t Climate Realists

Nigel Calder reports:
Svensmark’s Cosmic Jackpot

Today the Royal Astronomical Society in London publishes (online) Henrik Svensmark’s latest paper entitled “Evidence of nearby supernovae affecting life on Earth”. After years of effort Svensmark shows how the variable frequency of stellar explosions not far from our planet has ruled over the changing fortunes of living things throughout the past half billion years. Appearing in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, It’s a giant of a paper, with 22 figures, 30 equations and about 15,000 words. See the RAS press release at

Prof Svensmark's latest paper can be found at this link (pdf)   

In Svensmark’s new paper an equally concise theory, that cosmic rays from exploded stars cool the world by increasing the cloud cover, leads to amazing explanations, not least for why evolution sometimes was rampant and sometimes faltered. In both senses of the word, this is a stellar revision of the story of life.
Here are the main results:
The long-term diversity of life in the sea depends on the sea-level set by plate tectonics and the local supernova rate set by the astrophysics, and on virtually nothing else.
The long-term primary productivity of life in the sea – the net growth of photosynthetic microbes – depends on the supernova rate, and on virtually nothing else.
Exceptionally close supernovae account for short-lived falls in sea-level during the past 500 million years, long-known to geophysicists but never convincingly explained..
As the geological and astronomical records converge, the match between climate and supernova rates gets better and better, with high rates bringing icy times.

GAIA's James Lovelock turns his back on global warming

James Lovelock turning his back.
James Lovelock was the re-inventor of Tim Flannery's self-confessed religion - "Gaia." James Lovelock was also one of the fore-runners in the promotion of the man-made CO2 emissions global warming hypothesis.

Lovelock previously turned his back on "Gaia." Now, he is also turning his back on the alarmist hypothesis.

Marc Morano of Climate Depot reports:
MSNBC, perhaps the most unlikely of news sources, reports on what may be seen as the official end of the man-made global warming fear movement.
Contrast Lovelock's 2012 skeptical climate views with his 2007 beliefs during the height of the man-made climate fear movement. [ Flashback 2007: Lovelock Predicts Global Warming Doom: 'Billions of us will die; few breeding pairs of people that survive will be in Arctic' ]t
During his interview, Lovelock pointed out that Tim Flannery's "The Weather Makers" as an example of “alarmist” forecasts of the future. TCS blog has previously reported on Dr Wes Allen's "The Weather Makers Re-examined" - a critical appraisal of Tom's tome.

“Jim Lovelock has no university, no research institute, no students. His almost unparalleled influence in environmental science is based instead on a particular way of seeing things,” Oliver Morton, of the journal Nature wrote in Time.  
Asked if he was now a climate skeptic, Lovelock told “It depends what you mean by a skeptic. I’m not a denier."
Not one of us are deniers, James!
He said human-caused carbon dioxide emissions were driving an increase in the global temperature, but added that the effect of the oceans was not well enough understood and could have a key role.
“It (the sea) could make all the difference between a hot age and an ice age,” he said.
He said he still thought that climate change was happening, but that its effects would be felt farther in the future than he previously thought.
“The climate is doing its usual tricks. There’s nothing much really happening yet. We were supposed to be halfway toward a frying world now,” Lovelock said.
The world has not warmed up very much since the millennium. Twelve years is a reasonable time… it (the temperature) has stayed almost constant, whereas it should have been rising -- carbon dioxide is rising, no question about that,” he added.
In an interview with the Guardian's Leo Hickman he discussed the corruption of data by the CRU:
I was utterly disgusted.
I have seen this happen before, of course. We should have been warned by the CFC/ozone affair because the corruption of science in that was so bad that something like 80% of the measurements being made during that time were either faked, or incompetently done.

Fudging the data in any way whatsoever is quite literally a sin against the holy ghost of science. I'm not religious, but I put it that way because I feel so strongly. It's the one thing you do not ever do. You've got to have standards.
Careers have been ended by this affair and the reputation of the institution [CRU] will go down for a while. It's sad because there are some good people there. They have to clean their house if they know people are behaving badly. 
On the surveys showing that public trust with climate science is eroding:
I think the public are right. That's why I'm soft on the sceptics. Science has got overblown.
 More of Leo Hickman's interesting and informative interview HERE.

The Global Warming Policy Foundation also reports the omission by the MSM of a startling news story, the retreat of James Lovelock as well as shortcomings in Darwin's theory:

True to form, the overwhelming majority of press outlets failed to report the juiciest global-warming gossip of the week — a change of heart on the issue by one of the world’s most celebrated environmentalists. Also true to form, the press failed to report the most profound science story of the week — a startling theory that not only absolves humans of blame in global warming but sheds light on another taboo subject: shortcomings in Darwin’s theory of evolution.
Unlike their coverage of the political establishment or the corporate establishment, journalists will rarely be skeptical of the scientific establishment. Perhaps these ­unskeptical journalists don’t question scientists out of a belief that scientists’ pronouncements are free of the self-interest that taints politicians or corporations. Or perhaps these journalists, who are themselves rarely scientifically literate, blindly accept the views of scientific authority figures because they lack the training to assess rival views. Or perhaps these journalists fear being subjected to ridicule if they buck politically correct views. Whatever the reasons for journalistic deference to dogma in science, the victim is the information-consuming public, which at best is kept in the dark, at worst is duped.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Japanese researchers - Prepare for another Little Ice Age.

SEIJI TANAKA of The Asahi Shimbun reports:
The sun may be entering a period of reduced activity that could result in lower temperatures on Earth, according to Japanese researchers.

Officials of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan and the Riken research foundation said on April 19 that the activity of sunspots appeared to resemble a 70-year period in the 17th century in which London’s Thames froze over and cherry blossoms bloomed later than usual in Kyoto.

In that era, known as the Maunder Minimum, temperatures are estimated to have been about 2.5 degrees lower than in the second half of the 20th century.

The Japanese study found that the trend of current sunspot activity is similar to records from that period.
The researchers also found signs of unusual magnetic changes in the sun. Normally, the sun’s magnetic field flips about once every 11 years. In 2001, the sun’s magnetic north pole, which was in the northern hemisphere, flipped to the south.

Read the full article HERE

See also The Daily Galaxy  and the Daily Yomiuri
A research team led by Saku Tsuneta, a professor at the observatory, analyzed solar magnetic fields data using Hinode, an observational satellite, and confirmed that the polarity of the magnetic field at the North Pole began to reverse in July last year.

The current sunspot cycle has stretched for close to 13 years. A similar situation occurred in the 17th to 18th century, when the average temperature of the Northern Hemisphere decreased by 0.6 C. The research team believes the quadrupolar pattern also emerged at that time.

Saturday, 21 April 2012


Question: How do you manufacture a global warming crisis when real-world data show only modest warming and no increase in extreme weather events?

Answer: Ask people about their subjective impressions of recent weather events and then, using those subjective impressions, claim the sky is falling.

The Yale Project on Climate Communication and the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication have released a joint survey about Americans’ impressions of recent extreme weather events. Much like the phenomenon where millions of people claim and apparently believe they were actually at the 1969 Woodstock music festival, a ridiculously high percentage of people claim to have personally experienced severe weather events like hurricanes and tornadoes during the past year.

Twenty-one percent of survey respondents say they personally experienced a tornado last year. This is astonishing. Unless the survey was conducted almost exclusively in Joplin, Missouri or Tuscaloosa, Alabama, I am guessing the Woodstock effect is occurring here.

Even more remarkably, 16 percent say they personally experienced a hurricane last year. Not a single hurricane struck the United States last year. Tropical Storm Irene, often mislabeled as a hurricane, came the closest, with 70 mph winds striking small portions of the minimally populated North Carolina Outer Banks. So how did 16 percent of Americans personally experience a hurricane last year? Perhaps they were all together on a cruise ship off the Mexican coast in October when Hurricane Rina spun around in the Caribbean Sea for a few days.

While the Yale/George Mason survey showed people are prone to imagining they have experienced mythical extreme weather events, this hasn’t stopped global warming alarmists from waving the survey as “proof” of an asserted global warming crisis. Appropriately enough, alarmists are using people’s imaginations about mythical extreme weather events to justify their call for emergency action to fight a fictitious global warming crisis.

Continue reading HERE.

"A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on." - Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965) 

Abbott: Carbon Tax out in 6 months of Coalition Government

Writing for the News Ltd group, Malcolm Farr reports:

Tony Abbott promises to get rid of carbon tax within six months of being elected to power

The Opposition Leader said that if blocked in the Senate he would immediately call another election, a double dissolution, and invite the ALP to commit “suicide twice''.

“I won't reduce the tax, change the tax, or redesign the tax. I will repeal the tax,'' Mr Abbott said in Brisbane today.

The Coalition is maintaining its course to make the election scheduled for late next year a referendum on the carbon pricing scheme set to begin this July.

Mr Abbott ramped up his intentions to scrap the entire scheme if elected, and assured voters they would not miss out on pension increases and tax cuts to be funded by the scheme's revenue.
Meanwhile the Green Gillard government's hold on the treasury benches is slipping with allegations against the speaker, Slippery Pete....make that Peter Slipper.
SPEAKER Peter Slipper is facing explosive allegations he sexually harassed a young male adviser and misused taxpayer-funded Cabcharge dockets in a major new crisis for the Gillard government. The man who holds the highest parliamentary office in Australia is accused by a key adviser, James Ashby, 33, of making "unwelcome sexual advances" and "unwelcome sexual comments".
Mr Ashby, in court documents obtained by The Daily Telegraph, alleges Mr Slipper, 62, only recruited him "for the purpose of pursuing a sexual relationship".
The Australian Federal Police will also be asked to investigate conduct by Mr Slipper in relation to the use of public funds.

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