Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Sensible Solar?

The Torresol Energy Gemasolar plant
Image - AFP
This blog has written before about the seemingly uselessness of "renewable" energy;
  1. noise,
  2. visual pollution,
  3. bird and bat killers,
  4. creation of health problems
  5. High and Low or no wind  etc etc
Now, is there some development of which we sceptics can approve? We know of the study by Dr. Gabriel Alvarez from King Juan Carlos University. 
The experience in Spain is that after 10 years more or less we have about 50,000 jobs created and some 30 billion Euros committed to the experiment. Which means that more than half a million Euros were needed per worker. Of course if you look at this it gives you an idea of the problem that we have. It is incredibly expensive to create a green job. We are creating jobs that are very inefficient jobs.  To create jobs is not a difficult thing, it is quite easy. Wherever you throw billions of Euros you will create jobs. The problem is that we don’t just want jobs, we want productive jobs. This is not what this scheme is creating.
We created nearly 50,000 jobs. The problem was that it required so many financial resources that you needed to take them away from other parts of the economy. If you look at the capitalization per worker in this society then you get an idea of how many jobs these financial resources would have created in the rest of the economy and you compare them. You compare the created jobs with the jobs that have not been created because you pulled resources away from the rest of the economy you find out that for every job you were creating at least 2.2 jobs were not created or were destroyed by this policy. (Back Up Link)
Is Spain at last doing something right?  Yahoo publishes a report from AFP:

Solar power station in Spain works at night

It is the station's capacity to store energy that makes Gemosolar different. (AFP Photo)

A unique thermosolar power station in southern Spain can shrug off cloudy days: energy stored when the sun shines lets it produce electricity even during the night.
The Gemasolar station, up and running since last May, stands out in the plains of Andalusia.
From the road between Seville and Cordoba, one can see its central tower lit up like a beacon by 2,600 solar mirrors, each 120 square metres (1,290 square feet), that surround it in an immense 195-hectare (480-acre) circle.
"It is the first station in the world that works 24 hours a day, a solar power station that works day and night!" said Santago Arias, technical director of Torresol Energy, which runs the station.
The mechanism is "very easy to explain," he said: the panels reflect the suns rays on to the tower, transmitting energy at an intensity 1,000 times higher than that of the sun's rays reaching the earth.
Energy is stored in a vat filled with molten salts at a temperature of more than 500 degrees C (930 F). Those salts are used to produce steam to turn the turbines and produce electricity. It is the station's capacity to store energy that makes Gemasolar so different because it allows the plant to transmit power during the night, relying on energy it has accumulated during the day.
Read more HERE. Comments invited below.

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