Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Failure Flannery to be Face of Farts

Genetically modified cows could fart less

TCS blog had to look at the date, thinking that April 1st had arrived, but no! it is only 28th March.

News Ltd is carrying a story where Tim Flannery,  the author of the flawed The Weather Makers, is to be the face of a project to reduce the farts of cows.
GENETICALLY modifying cows so they burp and fart less - that's one of 40 initiatives to reduce emissions being considered by the cattle and sheep industry.

Researchers are investigating the merits of selective breeding to alter the genetic makeup of certain breeds of cows and sheep
The new breeds would produce less methane in a bid to reduce the impact of farming on the environment.

"Methane is a waste," Mr Flannery said.
"The energy that the cows produce in methane, could have got into producing meat."
I hope the researchers realise which end of the cow is the main problem.

Perhaps Mr Flannery could investigate the Argentinian project that put the methane to use.

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  1. OMG, every gamer who sees this is gonna FREAK! Do you realise this guy has given us the possibility of REAL EXPLODING COWS!!!!!!


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